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I have not posted my “Autopsy of defeat” blog yet. I thought it would be instructive to share just a sample of the comments from Yucca residents after the vote. There were many more. I am not editorializing. That will come in my next blog.

  • “It’s disappointing to know that the Glendale City Council can be so easily bought while practically, completely dismissing the district that will be most adversely affected by this. But, greed is a powerful weapon.”
  • “You have done an outstanding job of pulling the community together for a cause. Even in defeat, we are better for the experience of getting out and meeting our neighbors and talking about what concerns us as Glendale residents.”
  • “I feel compelled to believe that Stonehaven was going to happen regardless of how hard the fight was fought. Money talks and there are many seeking to leave their legacy in the marks left behind after they are long gone.”
  • Unfortunately, those who had the power to make this happen don’t have to live with the result. Stonehaven will be a decade long project that provides absolutely no guarantee to the city or surrounding neighborhoods. Traffic, construction equipment, dust, scorpions, and school crowding don’t affect Jacob Long. They don’t affect Mr. Weiers, the vice mayor or Ms. Tolmachoff either and it is an unfortunate fact that they have a say in the process when it is outside their district. As Glendale residents, we should all have a say in who represents the city not just the district.”
  • “In a city that cannot see fit to pave a street properly, or finish a park (Heroes) or develop a traffic plan for game days without stepping all over the local residents, I should have expected nothing less than Pulte and JFLP LLC getting their way. “People don’t want lawns”? I heard there were many condos over at Westgate that are for sale still for those who want small lots. Zanjero remains a thought as well. Glendale hasn’t delivered on promises for years.”
  • “That must have been some awesome pizza and ice cream.”
  • “As we know, Money talks.”
  • “They better finish Heroes Park. Stonehaven won’t have anything recreational for all of those people.”
  • “I hope everyone remembers this when the next election comes up for Mayor of Glendale. Like someone said, money talks. I think Stonehaven will end up being the downfall of the west side. It may take a few years but I believe it will happen.”
  • “Going into this we all knew it would be a battle. The decision was already made and that was that.”
  • “Just don’t be too surprised if a few years into this they don’t come back and want to create more 4000 SF lots out of some of the other larger lots. A precedent has been set, sadly. Also, not sure how many of you picked up on the verbiage of a couple other items. 1.) The builder left open the “option” of another builder possibly coming in or taking over or participating in the project. Meaning, all the fluff of Pulte Homes being a “Premiere Builder” could be all for naught if a lesser “quality” builder decides they want to participate or worse, take over. 2.) The little “carrot” the builder offered that was so eagerly accepted (except by Ms. Clark) was the, again “option”, to build Bethany Home Rd. sooner than originally offered. Meaning, they likely aren’t going to change a thing. So, that secondary vote was a complete joke and utter waste of time.”
  • “Time will tell. If everyone would look at the homes south of Camelback and 87th ave and also the new ones at Copper cove they will see how the Cookie Cutter homes will look on the small lots. If I lived next to that in Missouri Ranch or on 87th ave I would be OUTRAGED.”
  • “This has made us stronger as a district and a community . I hope we as a district stay involved.”
  • “I just moved into Missouri Ranch 2 months ago. Just bought my house so I didn’t understand what has been going on until now. I am absolutely outraged right now. I have a huge lot which was so hard to find. I definitely worry about the tons of people and the traffic. Why do they just stuff people wherever there is a crevice of land? Not happy!”
  • “I guess it doesn’t matter what the residents want. Money talks. I moved to the area for the great amount of space because the lots are huge. I don’t have a patio size backyard. All I can do is shake my head in disappointment.”
  • “Something else we can do is vote. Mr. Weiers’ days are numbered as mayor. He didn’t get my vote last time, he certainly won’t get it the next time around…if he even runs.”
  • “I had asked residents in the area to contact the mayor and council by email and phone for weeks but as you can see it did nothing for all our many hours we spent. Hopefully the homes they build will not be little cracker box homes, all 600 of them. You can see what it looks like on 87th ave where they all look alike. The builders love it because they make more money.”
  • “I wanted to chime in on behalf of Copper Cove… even we (as a neighborhood) aren’t a good example of what Stonehaven will ultimately look like. We have only a handful of “small” lots, and even those are larger than the 4,000 sq ft lots that will be built on there. Even the 6,000 sq ft lots aren’t comparable. While we are “cookie cutter” we are certainly more spaciously arranged (which is hilarious when you actually look at our neighborhood). I’m certainly not looking forward to this build and all the bait and switch crap that will very likely follow.”
  • “In Copper Cove the smallest lot is 5700 sq ft. Imagine what your neighborhood would look like with 4000 ft lots and 4500 ft — 600 of them. It will look like barracks buildings unless they get real creative.”
  • “We just didn’t need the extra 200+ houses, which equals another, at conservative minimum 400 more cars. Those 2 phases are going to be a hotbed of chaos and crime.”
  • “The crime will be there. It’s inevitable when you stick that many people in such a small area. And, I don’t think it’s going to be 10 yrs until it is built out. Based on the numerology of phases assuming they build in order my guess it will be within the next 2-3 yrs.”
  • “The good ole boy network is alive and well #Weiers, McCarthy, Donovan, Hugh, Rosseau.”
  • “What was the council thinking. I thought they represented all of the people in Glendale. Not just the north. South Glendale was ignored and dismissed.”

I encourage you to share your comments on the city council Stonehaven vote of Tuesday, Jun 27, 2017.

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