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During the month of May the Glendale City Council passed some significant issues:

  • It disbanded the citizen Disabilities Commission and replaced it with a Human Relations Commission. This commission’s goal is to establish unity and understanding among the many diverse groups in today’s society.
  • It passed my initiative of establishing a temporary Council subcommittee on business. The focus will be to make Glendale an even easier and a friendlier environment for new businesses wishing to locate here or existent businesses wishing to expand or renovate.
  • It is about to consider passing a resolution in support of establishing greater data transparency for citizens. Here is the link to a survey asking for your opinion: https://mymadison.io/documents/city-of-glendale-draft-open-data-resolution .

 Glendale has been rated the number one emerging destination in the country, as ranked by the international on-line vacation search engine, Trivago. Based on data collected by Trivago that measures US destinations, Glendale saw an online increase of 43% in visits by domestic travelers over this time last year.

On Saturday, June 3, at 9 a.m. members of the Glendale City Council and Parks & Recreation staff will hold a ceremony at Rose Lane Aquatics Center, 5003 W. Marlette Ave., to dedicate a plaque in honor of Phil Lieberman, the long-time councilman for the Cactus District. The public is invited to attend the ceremony. Following the ceremony, the aquatics center will open for swimming early, at 10 a.m. with free admission for the day paid by Vice Mayor Ian Hugh. Attendees are reminded that the pool has a limited capacity; therefore admission will be on a first-come, first-served basis.

I served for many years with Councilmember Lieberman and I am proud of our friendship. Phil was in many ways, larger than life. I miss him and his extraordinary grasp of numbers, especially budget numbers. He is missed by so many who knew him and loved him. Please join me in celebrating Phil’s life and service to Glendale.

The State of Arizona settled its dispute with the Tohono O’odham’s casino signaling that it was willing to grant them a license in return for their promise not to build any more casinos in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area. With the granting of this coveted license it is now up to the Tohono O’odham to follow through to build a Class A resort, casino, restaurants, etc.

I have historically been opposed to the casino. However, it is time to recognize that it is a done deal. As I have stated publically, if and when the Tohono O’odham brings a request before city council, I will give the request a full and fair hearing.

The citizen Planning Commission voted 4 to 1 to deny the Stonehaven residential subdivision request for dramatic changes to its original plan approved by the City Council in April of 2016. The residents of the Yucca district and I thank them for listening to our concerns and supporting our interests.

Stonehaven is scheduled to be heard and voted upon by the city council on June 27th. The residents hope that the city council will listen to their concerns and represent the citizens in this matter. Look for a future blog or two on Stonehaven.

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