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Since the proposed changes to the originally approved Stonehaven plan have 44% of the site as 4,000 SF and 4,500 SF lots, it’s important to understand what this residential zoning district is. In Section 5.320 of Glendale’s Zoning Ordinance, R 1-4’s purpose is, “Preserve and provide for urban detached or attached single residence housing. The primary intent of this district is to encourage the establishment of functional and attractively designed patio home developments. The subdivision and housing product shall be designed for rear yard privacy and useable private open space.”

The Development Standards in the city’s Table 1 include:

  • The minimum net (not gross) lot area must be 4,000 square feet.
  • The minimum lot width must be 40 feet.
  • The minimum lot depth must be 80 feet.

         *Setbacks are the distance from the exterior of the house to the property’s lot line.

  • The minimum front yard setback must be 15-20 feet.
  • The minimum rear yard setback must be 15 feet.
  • The minimum side yard setbacks must be 0 feet or 10 feet (there must be a minimum 10 feet separation between homes on adjacent lots).
  • The minimum setback between the exterior of the home and the street must be 10 feet.
  • The maximum home height is 30 feet with a two story maximum.
  • The maximum lot coverage must be 45% (this is the percentage amount of the lot space a home is allowed to use).

Visually here is what the R 1-4 standards would generally look like:

The Stonehaven applicants under a Planned Area Development  (PAD) application are asking for these standards as an SHD (Stonehaven Devlopment) SHD-4. The Planning Director has the authority to accept these standards if the plan as presented is approved by the city council. The city council has the authority at the June 27th city council meeting to change or amend these standards by offering stipulations.

  • A minimum net (not gross) lot area of 4,000 square feet.
  • A minimum lot width of 40 feet.
  • The minimum lot depth is not presented.
  • A minimum front yard setback of 10 feet.
  • A minimum rear yard setback of 10 feet (rear covered patios may encroach to within 15 feet of the rear property line).
  • A minimum side yard setback of 5 feet (the minimum side yard setback may be reduced to 0’ along one of the two side yard property lines) OR
  • A minimum side yard setback of 8 feet (the combined side yard setbacks may be reduced to 5’ when the home is placed on the opposite side yard lot line).
  • A maximum home height of 30 feet with a two story maximum.
  • A maximum lot coverage of 65%.

Visually here is what the applicants’ R 1-4 standards would generally look like:Under the Stonehaven plan with Option 1 having the house on the property lot line on one side and having 5 feet on the other side with a 40′ wide lot the house could be 35′ wide. On an 80′ lot depth the house could be 60′ deep. In the Stonehaven table of standards no minimum lot depth is provided by the applicants.

Option 2 would have 10 feet with each side yard being 5′ for a total of 10′ and on a 40′ wide lot the house could be 30′ wide and would also be 60′ deep.

Perhaps the most notable difference between Glendale’s adopted by Ordinance R 1-4 standards and the Stonehaven unique proposals (submitted under this proposal but not yet approved by city council) is that lot coverage ( how much of the lot can be used for the home) is Glendale’s standard of 45% lot coverage. This allows for a 15′ front yard and a 15′ back yard. In the Stonehaven proposal lot coverage would be 65% with a 10′ front yard and a 10′ back yard.

As an exercise, measure 30′ or 35′ inside your home. Now measure 60′ inside your home. That’s the size of the footprint of an R 1-4 Stonehaven home. Now, imagine 616 of R 1-4 homes or nearly half (44%) of the entire 365 acres on lots this size with as little as 5 feet between 2 homes. How can this possibly be good for Glendale, let alone the Yucca district?

So, while the Glendale Star, the Glendale Chamber of Commerce and Glendale Mayor Jerry Weiers try to convince you how important Stonehaven is to the city, remember there is already an approved Stonehaven plan that will require an estimated $350 million investment; that will still produce an estimated $3.5 million annually in tax revenue; and still will require the completion of Bethany Home Road.

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