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I rarely make recommendations about any product or service. I’ve probably done it twice in all the years of my blog. I feel compelled to do so this time. For over a year I have been researching

Old faithful

cars prior to buying a new vehicle. I had a 17-year-old Lincoln Signature Town Car. It was reliable as heck. It was a big boat with an extremely comfortable ride and an enormous trunk, large enough for a dead body or, as in my case, to haul a wheelchair and many previous large Home Depot purchases. After 17 years it only had 121,000 miles and I made sure it was maintained regularly. I loved that car and wrestled whether to keep it and invest in the inevitable major repairs sure to appear or to finally bite the bullet and find some vehicle remotely similar to my big boat.

I was soon to learn that car manufacturers were discontinuing making large sedans in favor of crossovers and hybrids…none of which I wanted. So, to the luxury sedan market I went. I reviewed BMWs, Mercedes, Genesis, Audi…you name it. I researched and researched.  Many of the makes I reviewed had uneven reliability records and repairs were horribly expensive.

I finally narrowed my search to a BMW 7, a Genesis G-90 or a Cadillac GT6. All offered a quiet, comfortable ride and were similar in many ways. After test driving all, the car that finally blew me away was the Cadillac. It’s big with a quiet and comfortable, smooth ride and so much technology in it that I will never master all that it can do.

There is no more miserable experience than going to a dealership and maneuvering the purchase of a new car. It’s akin to going to a dentist. Not so in my case. Thanks to Arrowhead Cadillac my experience was wonderfully pleasant. I called the dealership and asked if they had a Certified Pre Owned GT6 in white or silver with a light interior expecting to be told ‘no.’ Thanks to Julie and Jim Behncke (jimbehncke@gmail,com, juliebehncke@gmail.com)  .  They not only found such an animal, they drove it to my home so that I could test drive it. The car was perfect and had everything I wanted and expected. Not only that, it had only had 18,000 miles on it and plenty of warranty left.

I thought about it for a few more days and during that time went back to personally revisit my other choices but none compared to this Cadillac. I wanted to reassure myself that I was making the correct choice for me.

I called Jim and Julie and told them I was ready to buy the car. That is where Michael Meewes, Arrowhead Cadillac’s General Manager, comes in. I told him my budget and he worked his magic to get the car into my price range. Then we had a deal.

Jim and Julie came down once again to deliver my new car and we did all the paperwork from

New Faithful

the comfort of my home. All was carefully explained, and Julie gave me a tutorial on the technology in the car.

I was pleasantly surprised with my car buying experience and recommend that if you consider buying a Cadillac, visit my new friends Jim and Julie Behncke at Arrowhead Cadillac. You won’t regret your experience.


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