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Pond Mar 2012

Pond March 2012

Today I begin a new page. At the end of March I will have had my koi pond for two years. Over time I plan to share my experiences…the good, the bad and the ugly!

Why a koi pond? For years I had been saving photos and information on them. Suddenly it hit me. It was time to begin a new adventure and what better journey than building a koi pond.


  1. Roger Swahn says:

    I live in North Central California and I am wondering about getting a heater for my remaining Koi. The water does not freeze but our temps do get to freezing during early morning. She is so much fun when her water temps are warmer. Comments

    • Joyce Clark says:

      Hi Roger, I am no expert. We live on the northwest edge of Phoenix. We had two nights of freezing temperatures and for the past several weeks early morning temps have been as low as 36 – 38. I have never used a water heater based upon my unscientific assumption that the running water produced by our large and small waterfalls kept the water relatively warm and survivable for our koi. They are more lethargic due to the coder water temps. I also feed them considerably less. Than the summertime.

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