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Two Glendales


  1. Shelly Honn says:

    Nail on the head Joyce.

    I’ve been thinking about the division myself the last few weeks. Being actively involved in this chicken ordinance change, I never realized how divided the residents of the city are until now. Those that want things in the southern part or in general are afraid to speak up for fear that they will be harassed buy a larger more vocal or affluent group, I hate to use the word bullies, but that is the only one that comes to mind.

    Unfortunately, it appears as though our current leaders tend to cave into what northern Glendale wants more than what the southern part of Glendale wants. Let’s also include zip codes 85306, 85305, 85304, 85303, and 85302.

    I write this not to be attacked, because I know there are people out there who will attack me because of this chicken ordinance. I just ask if they do attack that they have facts to back up what they say, and that they are not just spouting off what they think should happen, or an attempt to continue with fear mongering, because most, if not all of their fears have been proven otherwise.

    And yes, I do believe their is a solution to the division in Glendale, there has to be a solution. If all of the other cities can do it we can too.

    • Jack Martino says:

      Ms. Honn:

      You certainly are entitled to express your opinion. Your conclusion that somehow those opposing the proposed zoning text change are bullies seems to be flawed. Many Council representatives and city staff have expended a whole lot of energy soliciting input from community members on this issue. Unfortunately the current Yucca District Councilmember has chosen not to participate in this information gathering endeavor at this time. You requested the facts, so let’s review them.
      Chickens are currently allowed to be kept in Glendale if the property is zoned for that use. There are currently 2,959 parcels in the City that allow chickens to be kept legally.

      Chickens are allowed in other metropolitan communities in the Valley with specific restrictions and certain limitations Phoenix requires the coop to be 80 feet from the residence and if that distance is not attainable, permission fro all neighboring properties id required. The proposed zoning change under discussion contains very limited detail, yet your expectation is the vast majority of the community should accept it simply because it is something you want. Understand if this change is adopted chickens will be allowed to be legally kept in all residential parcels in the city. This action would add an additional 43,721 parcels and who looks like the bully now?

      Communities have established rules/laws for a reason and individuals don’t always get what they want. The keeping of chickens on residential lots, some as small as 4,000 square feet appears to be inappropriate and ill-advised. I trust our elected leaders will review the pertinent information provided by staff and arrive at a decision reflective of the will of the majority and what is good for the City of Glendale.

      Please do not interrupt this reply as an attack as it is not. We simply have a difference of opinion.

      Jack Martino

    • Linda Mey says:

      Shelly Honn sounds like a politician when Cm Bart Turner gives up his seat, you should take it. Which “nail” are you talking about? Have you ever been in a hardware store? So many sizes and shapes it’s hard to choose unless you really know what you are going to use it for. So which nail are we using here?, Bully Nail, the Righteous Nail, Division Nail, Victim Nail, Avoidance Nail or Power Nail?
      Shelly’s has concern issues about harassment and bullies, really? BKYD chicken fans follow me like flies on a horse’s tail, I happen to be the poster child for their mockery, character assassination and constant belittling of my intellect. Classic example is the Glendale Star editorial page Feb. 25th, entire page with CM Bart Turner”s comments, along with some of his BKYD chicken fans, all in agreement, I was a person of poor character. Creative teamwork for subtle bullying on that editorial page. Want a more blatant example like Shelly Honn’s close associate blogged, “warning people not to listen to me since I was a psycho and I definitely needed a mental evaluation.” (One time I would have call this comment kindergarten behavior, however, this comparison insults the children.)
      Division between Northern Glendale, and Southern Glendale, (sounds like the Game of Thrones)…No. The only division is the property line between Shelly Honn and Linda Mey, this is what residents of Glendale are involved in. Two neighbors who disputed over Shelly Honn’s illegal harboring of chickens then the issue was placed before the City Council by Shelly Honn championed by CM Bart Turner. Cm Bart Turner and Shelly Honn had no problem for 14 months with the chicken ordinance being coasted along quietly by the Planning Commission without a beep from anyone. Then August 17th, word of mouth took hold and here we are.
      Problem escalated to where it now impacts ALL residents, poor, uneducated, rich, educated, living Southside, Northside, Westside, and Eastside. Boundaries have nothing to do with the issue, everybody suffers regardless your status in life.
      Linda Mey

    • Jarvi Brown-Harty says:

      There are alternatives to infringing on the rights of other citizens and changing zoning laws, which should always be the last resort. Zoning ordinances have been put in place to ensure a diverse community, which we certainly have in Glendale. If I were in your situation, I would try to come up with a solution that benefits the entire city. My solution would be to gather support for a united community chicken coop. This solution would benefit those interested in raising food without infringing on the rights of others. There are always creative solutions to complex issues that everyone can live peacefully with and isn’t that the overall goal of a united community?

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