It has been 18 years and 110 days since the city’s pledge to build the West Branch Library.

thermometer w numbersJust a quick update since I announced on March 9, 2016 that I am a candidate for the Yucca district council position. In the past month $2,000 has been raised toward a goal of $20,000. Fund raising will continue until I win at the August 30, 2016 primary election. No fundraisers have been scheduled yet but they will come as will the small meet n greet with the people of this wonderful district.

Many people vote by Permanent Early Ballot. If you would like to be placed on the Permanent Early Ballot list or if you would like to register to vote please go to this site: . You can fill out the form online and submit it.

Volunteers are now out walking to collect nominating petition signatures to get my name on the ballot. We can use more help. If you can walk your neighborhood please either call me at 623-772-9795 or email at: . Your help in walking in your neighborhood would be greatly appreciated.

If you cannot walk, please volunteer to work at an August 30, 2016 primary voting location.



There will be an estimated 8 locations. Volunteers work from 7 AM to 11 AM, 11 AM to 3 PM, or 3 PM to 7 PM (4 hour shifts). Volunteers greet voters and hand out campaign material from the candidate. I need a minimum of 24 volunteers to work at the polling locations.

If you cannot do that, perhaps you can make calls for me encouraging voters to support me or take a yard sign supporting me.

In addition to volunteering you can make a donation to my campaign by clicking on the PayPal link to the left of this blog. You can use any credit or debit card. Simply follow the instructions provided on the PayPal site. Small amounts add up and can have a substantial effect. Remember to give your name, your address, your employer and your job title. This information is required by law.

Since there are only 2 candidates, Sammy and me, one of us will win the seat by a majority vote on August 30, 2016. This makes the primary election incredibly important.  

Local elections such as this rely upon local support…you… for money and volunteers. It’s up to you to support your candidate any way that you can. Become engaged. The candidate cannot do it all alone. If you want Sammy gone then it’s up to you to actively support me by making a donation, walking for signatures, working the polls on primary election day, calling voters or placing my sign in your yard. Just one of the reasons I made a decision to run was because so many of you urged me to do so. Now it is time to help me realize your goal of removing Sammy, an ineffective, invisible councilmember who has failed to attend council meetings and who abused the people’s trust by spending taxpayer money on trips that had no city business associated with them. Together we can defeat Sammy and I can be “your voice” once again.

© Joyce Clark, 2016


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