Wednesday, June 1, 2016 was the last day Glendale candidates could file their nominating petitions. The City Clerk’s Office has been very, very busy accepting petitions from mayoral candidates Jerry Weiers and Mark Burdick as well as those of council candidates Ian Hugh for the Cactus district ( unopposed); Ray Malnar for the Sahuaro district ( unopposed), myself and Sammy Chavira, my opponent, for the Yucca district.

Here’s some trivia. The number of nominating signatures required for each race is based on the total number of votes for mayor in the 2012 Glendale General Election. The total number of votes for mayor throughout Glendale was 69,558. That means that each of the mayoral candidates submitted a minimum (5%) of 3,478 signatures and a maximum (10%) of 6,956 signatures. Since each petition sheet holds 10 signature spaces the City Clerk received somewhere between 350 and 700 sheets from each mayoral candidate. Not all petition sheets may have been filled out completely. It is possible to submit more than 700 sheets because of that fact.

The total votes for mayor in the Sahuaro district were 15,360. Ray Malnar, unopposed, submitted a minimum of 768 signatures and a maximum of 1,536 (76 to 150 petition sheets). The total votes for mayor in the Cactus district were 9,395. Ian Hugh, unopposed, submitted a minimum of 470 signatures and a maximum of 940 signatures (47 to 94 sheets). The total votes for mayor in the Yucca district were 9,271. Sammy Chavira submitted a minimum of 464 signatures and a maximum of 927 (46 to 92 sheets).  Now you can see why the City Clerk has been busy. She and her staff have processed an estimated 2,000 petition sheets from various candidates.

I turned in my nominating petition signatures on May 4, 2016 with the maximum allowable of 927 signatures. Since some of the sheets did not have all 10 signature

Joyce turns in her nominating petitions

Joyce turns in her nominating petitions

spaces filled, the actual number of sheets I turned in was 101. The registered voters I and my volunteers met during signature collection were eager to sign my petition and often commented on having read about Sammy’s travel misadventures.

Sammy has turned in his petitions. My team discovered some interesting facts from reviewing them. The last time Sammy ran in 2012 he had a lot of support from the fire unions, the Democrat Party, former Councilmember Norma Alvarez and “Dreamers.” All of that support has evaporated. It is rumored that the fire union had a “heart to heart” meeting with Sammy and asked him not to run. They felt that he had tarnished the image of fire fighter with his publicized misdeeds. Former Councilmember Norma Alvarez rejected Sammy, urged me to run and has endorsed me. The “Dreamers” have disappeared.

Sammy has one, last friend to save him…Congressman Ruben Gallego. You remember Ruben, don’t you? Sammy spent $2,075 of your tax money to go to D.C. to see him sworn in. Ruben invited Sammy to go to D.C. to see the Pope on a large screen TV for another taxpayer funded $1,933. Along the way Sammy racked up a $400+ dinner for his bosses and blew $3,136 on changed airline tickets and baggage fees. Yep, you guessed it…on the taxpayers’ dime.

Who circulated Sammy’s petitions? Not Sammy. He’s too busy playing the wheeler, dealer councilman. This time around he had to pay for petition circulators…25 of them. I guess he couldn’t find Yucca district people to support him. The petition company he used appears to have strong connections to…Ruben Gallego. He had 4 Glendale citizens collect signatures for him. Three of them were paid circulators. Only one person was an unpaid volunteer. That volunteer collected a total of 4 signatures for him. How embarrassing.

The race for the Yucca district council seat is on. The next two months are critical. Early Permanent Voter Ballots will be mailed out on August 3rd with the Primary on August 30, 2016. A majority of the voters in the Yucca district now vote by Permanent Early Ballot. One of us will take the election in the Primary because there are only two of us and one will have a majority of the votes.

Now I really need your help. I need an army! I have raised $6545 in campaign thermometer w new numbers Ap 20 2016contributions to date with 98% of the donations coming from people just like you. Some of you may be thinking, “I need to donate to Joyce’s campaign.” You’ve read previous blogs and intended to donate but got distracted. Now is the time. Won’t you take a moment to donate via the Pay Pal button to the upper left of this column or send a donation to: Clark for Council, 8628 W. Cavalier Drive, Glendale, AZ 85305. Any amount is gratefully appreciated. You can make more than one donation as long as your total giving to any onedollar-sign-clipart-black-and-white-dollar-sign-clip-art-dollar-sign-pic---clipart-best candidate does not exceed $6500. Your spouse can make a donation as well. Please include your employer, job title, and address. These items are legally required.

We have received quotes for campaign signs and they are not cheap. We estimate the cost of signs alone will be in the neighborhood of $2,000. Getting quotes on campaign mailers is next. They are even more expensive than the signs…primarily because of the cost of postage.

I need volunteers to call voters. Surely there are a dozen brave souls among youcall-clipart-clip-art-telephone-007396 willing to make cold calls to the voters in the Yucca district. It’s pretty easy work done comfortably in your own home. At least you don’t have to be outside in this heat! Come on, please email me at: or text/call me at 602-320-3422 and volunteer. I can’t do this without you.

So many people have called, texted or emailed me with their support. Now is the time to demonstrate your support by helping the campaign. Please make a donation or volunteer to call voters.

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