It has been 18 years and 199 days since the city’s pledge to build the West Branch Library.

Last week I posted my campaign finance report on this blog. It is appropriate to look at Sammy’s campaign report. If you wish to see mine or any other Glendale candidate’s finance report, please follow this link: .

Chavira begins with the $16,671.14 from his January report. Those funds came from 3 sources: $5,000 from Mark Becker of Becker Billboards; $6,250 from the UFCW99; and $5,000 from the Arizona Pipe Trades #469. Here is the link to Chavira’s report: June 30 2016 .

In this current report he received campaign contributions from 2 sources: the Tohono O’odham Nation contributed $6,250 and Arizona Pipe Trades 469 gave him another $5,000 for total contributions of $11,250.00. By Arizona law an Indian tribe is not a PAC but is considered an individual and the maximum amount an individual can contribute is $6, 250. So the tribe is maxed out on an individual contribution.  If I read the regulations correctly, the Arizona Pipe Trades may contribute a maximum amount of $12,500. It is close to maxing out with total contributions to Chavira of $10,000.

Have you noticed something? Chavira has received nada, none, zilch…not a scintilla of a contribution from anyone in Glendale since January of 2016.  He has received nothing from a Yucca district resident or a Glendale resident. It may be that his lavish trips on taxpayer money, his many absences from city council meetings and his failure to appear in court with a subsequent suspension of his driver’s license have caused many to be reluctant to contribute to his campaign.

 If he has received individual contributions, he may be holding them back to report them after the Primary but a candidate is not supposed to do that.  When a candidate receives contributions they are supposed to be reported when received…not months later.

Chavira has spent to date $13,397. $4,000 has been paid to Patrick Barrett, a consultant who is currently the finance director for Kyrsten Sinema for Congress and the campaign manager for Navarro for Tempe City Council. Barrett was also campaign manager for Glendale fire fighter and Phoenix City Councilman Danny Valenzuela.

Chavira paid the LA Machine, a petition gathering company, $2,797 to collect his petition signatures. He also paid Benjamin Scheel of Bright Phoenix $1,500 for consultancy. I wonder if there is any connection between Benjamin Scheel and Billy Scheel, a partner at Javalina Consulting?

Lastly he paid the Torres Law Group $1750 for petition verification. I assume it was to check my petition signatures. If that’s what this expense was for, he wasted a lot of money because we checked my petitions for valid signatures before turning them in. We knew that we had several hundred extra valid signatures when my petitions were submitted.

Chavira made $3,000 in disbursements to various persons/organizations: $1,000 to the Center for Neighborhood Leadership; $1,000 to Kim Romero; and $1,000 to the Citizens Police Academy Alumni. There is a Stan Chavira on the board of the Center for Neighborhood Leadership. This same Stan Chavira lists himself as the Community Affairs Director for the UFCW (the same UFCW that donated $6,250 to Chavira according to his January, 2016 campaign finance report). Are Stan Chavira and Sammy Chavira related? I don’t know.

In summary, Sammy spent approximately $5,000 on consultants; another approximate $5,000 on petition signature collection and verification; and disbursed $3,000 to persons/organizations.

It certainly is a small world, isn’t it? It appears that all of Sammy’s connections are intertwined. Stan Chavira (is he a relative of Sammy’s??) is on the payroll of the UFCW and on the board of the previously mentioned leadership group. This leadership group received a $1,000 donation from Sammy.  Sammy received $6000 from the UFCW. The LA Machine, the company that collected Sammy’s petition signatures, has ties to Ruben Gallego (the very friend Sammy spent taxpayer money to see sworn in, in Washington, D.C.) who appears to be the only supporter of Sammy’s campaign.

Patrick Barrett, apparently Sammy’s consultant or campaign manager (??) was also campaign manager for Sammy’s buddy, Danny Valenzuela. Danny and Sammy were members of the International Association of Hispanic Firefighters (IAHF) and left after apparently Tony Herrera and Art Jimenez, 2 friends they recommended to sponsor an IAHF fundraiser, produced nothing for the organization.  Herrera and Jimenez left the IAHF holding the bag for event expenses they never paid and the event never raised a dime for the IAHF. Sammy and Danny were among the hosts of a recent fundraising event for mayoral candidate Burdick.

It is evident that Sammy and I are running very different campaigns. Sammy is relying on contributions from special interest groups and is using consultants to run his campaign. The email contact provided on Sammy’s campaign report is , Benjamin Scheel, a consultant Sammy hired…it’s not Sammy’s email address.  Sammy appears to have very little involvement in his own campaign.

 I am relying on contributions from people like you. My petition signatures were collected by myself and Glendale volunteers. Sammy paid a company nearly $3,000 to collect his signatures. We verified my petition signatures and Sammy’s petition signatures ourselves. Sammy paid a legal firm over $1,700 to do the very same.

Sammy may have $14,000 left to spend on his campaign, twice the amount I have received to date. The contributions I have received will be spent efficiently and effectively. Sammy seems to have spent his money unwisely. However, the major difference is that it is clear that Sammy no longer enjoys the support of Yucca district residents. On August 30, 2016, at Glendale’s Primary Election, I ask for your vote. It’s time to restore honesty and integrity to the Yucca city council seat and to “get your voice back.”

© Joyce Clark, 2016


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