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I have never made referrals on my blog but I feel compelled to do so this time. There are two gentlemen with radically different businesses that deserve your consideration.

Upscale art comes to downtown Glendale: Bryce Alexander is a constituent of mine with a passion for the arts. To put his money where his mouth is, Bryce will be opening two art facilities in downtown Glendale.

The first is an art gallery, Adair’s of Glendale, located at 7029 N. 57th Drive. Bryce is in the process of assembling the artists and their works and is working with the Chamber of Commerce to schedule a formal ribbon cutting ceremony in late September. The galley will be open from 10 AM to 4:30 PM. After its September opening you can call the gallery at 623-444-9299. If you are an established artist and would like to contact Bryce about showing your works please call his cell at 623-845-2905.

The gallery offers high end art, dedicated to local (Arizona) artists, both established, and “discovered”. Bryce plans to create a mix from western art to abstract. He is also seeking a good sculptor or potter.

One of Bryce’s friends asked him why he is opening a high end art gallery in Glendale instead of Scottsdale, his reply was, that you don’t chase the money, you attract the money to come to you.

Bryce is hoping his upscale art gallery will catch on quickly enough that he doesn’t spend all of his retirement money before he starts showing a profit.  

The companion building, next door, at 7031 N. 57th Drive, will become an artist’s guild (Glendale Artist Guild), Bryce plans to sublet some studio spaces and have an open area for classes, receptions, or demonstrations.  As of this writing Bryce is completing the necessary paperwork to become an educational 501C3 non-profit.  

The City of Glendale has also taken the first step to bring the arts to downtown Glendale with its plans to repurpose the St. Vincent de Paul building, now city-owned, for artists. It’s been a long time coming. Destination entertainment, one of the elements sorely lacking in downtown, can be art in all of its forms from performing art to established, static art. I am excited to see the birth of an achievable vision with the downtown becoming a mix of arts, culture and unique, upscale restaurants.

Fix your floors:  Ray Malnar happens to be a Glendale councilmember.  Councilmembers tend to be retired (such as myself) or a working councilmember (such as Ray). Ray’s business is not just floor restoration but also coating garage floors, tile and grout repairs, and grout sealing and recoloring. I have discovered that Ray is a magician when it comes to cleaning, stripping, honing, polishing and sealing tile, concrete and granite. He can sand and refinish a wood floor bringing it back to life again.

Let me tell you about my experience with Ray. I have been back on city council for 7 months. In that time, I have come to consider Ray not just a peer but a friend. I admire his honesty and his dedication to public service. He demonstrates those same qualities in his business life. I decided that I wanted to tile my kitchen floor so I went to Ray for advice. Ray sat down with me and explained the pros and cons of various floor options. Until I talked to him I felt as if I was in a maze of choices, not knowing which way to go. As a result of my conversation with him, I have chosen a glazed porcelain tile that looks like Travertine and feel very comfortable with my choice as a result of Ray’s advice. I know that I will be using Ray’s service in the future.

Do you have a tile or wood floor that has seen better days? Are you so sick of its look that you are considering replacing it? Hold on. When you originally had it installed, you loved it. Love it again by calling Ray to restore it to the original look that you fell in love with. Maybe you’d like to upgrade your garage floor. Call Ray. He can do that as well or do you have granite counter tops and it’s time to reseal them? Call Ray.

You can visit Ray’s current website for more information at: www.azstoneandtilerestoration.com . But next week Ray will have a new website: http://azstoneandtile.staging.wpengine.com/ . Ray is licensed, bonded and insured. You can call him at 623-878-7788 or email him at tilemaster@cox.net.

Each of these gentlemen has a vastly different business model but each has exhibited a love for, a mastery of and a passion for what they do. Those attributes will make Bryce Alexander succeed in his new art ventures and will keep Ray Malnar busy and successful for many more years to come.

I ask that you patronize both local Glendale businesses. Tell them, “Joyce sent you.”

© Joyce Clark, 2017               


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