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The Coyote fan base was surprised, to say the least, to learn that the state land auction for a parcel that Meruelo wanted to buy had been cancelled. It comes as no surprise for several reasons.

Why would Phoenix want to give massive tax breaks to facilitate a venue that would be in direct competition to other concert venues located within the city? It would not. It would be safe to assume that the ‘powers that be’ in Phoenix had several conversations with the ‘powers that be’ at the state Land Department.

This recent action by the Land Department puts the ball in Phoenix’s court and I doubt Meruelo will get those tax breaks that he covets. Without those, Meruelo’s incentive to build will evaporate. Meruelo received a boat load of money by selling the team. There is simply no incentive on his part to try to get something in place in the Phoenix area in a few years, as required by the NHL.

He has no credibility left with Valley fans or former employees. He has treated both shabbily. The team’s sudden departure for Utah left fans stunned and demoralized. His treatment of his former employees by giving one month’s severance was uncaring and demonstrated how little he valued them.

Meruelo’s reputation is shot. Valley fans no longer trust him. Anyone who chooses to work for him does so at his/her peril.

If fans ever expect to see another team in the Valley it will be resurrected by someone other than Meruelo. It will have to be someone that truly values the sport of hockey; someone that will reach out to fans to develop a strong base; and someone that has the political savvy to work through local government to secure support.

In this case it was all about the Benjamins…and Meruelo got his. Sometimes a person’s greediness stuns all.

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