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It is no secret that I am endorsing Dianna Guzman to replace me as the Yucca district councilmember when I retire after 24 years of service this December. Dianna has proven that she wants your vote. Every week she and her crew go to different Yucca neighborhoods and place door hangers. She is attending every city council workshop meeting and voting meeting so that she is prepared to hit the ground running when she takes office. She attends city events with regularity. She can carry out the duties of the office. She understands that there is a major time commitment and is prepared to fulfill it.

Not so much with Lupe Encincas. Her campaign thus far has consisted of attending two Meet n Greets at Bitzee Mama’s. At the most recent one coming out to support her were failed mayoral candidate Jamie Aldama and the radical Democrat Lupe Conchas, Cactus district candidate. Has anyone ever told her that we are judged by the company we keep? She was overheard to have said that she wasn’t sure why she was running but she did want to help people.

Lupe Encincas is a nice person but she’s in way over her head. It appears she has no idea how to run a campaign for office. If she is not committing the time needed to run, that demonstrates that she will not be committed to giving the time needed to be a councilmember.

On May 9, 2024, the Arizona Independent ran the following story about Dianna Guzman, Yucca district city council candidate:

“A long-time advocate for the residents of Glendale, Dianna Guzman, received a key endorsement from the first responders who provide for the residents’ safety. Guzman, a candidate for the Yucca District seat on the Glendale City Council, picked up the endorsement from the Arizona Fraternal Order of Police.

Supporters say the endorsement underscores Guzman’s commitment to ensuring public safety for the residents of Yucca District.‘Receiving the endorsement of the Arizona Fraternal Order of Police is a tremendous honor,’ said Guzman. ‘I am deeply committed to ensuring the safety and security of the residents of Yucca District, and I am grateful to have the support of the brave men and women who serve on the front lines of law enforcement every day.’

Guzman says her platform focuses on implementing proactive strategies to address public safety concerns, advocating for increased resources for law enforcement, and fostering stronger relationships between the community and local police departments.

Guzman’s comprehensive approach to public safety has resonated with voters and community leaders alike, say politicos, putting her on the Ballot with the maximum number of signatures and receiving the endorsement from current Yucca District Councilmember Joyce Clark.

In an official endorsement letter from the Arizona Fraternal Order of Police, it states, ‘based on your demonstrated support of significant public safety issues and reflects our belief that you best understand the difficult job faced by members of the law enforcement community. Your support of those efforts has not gone unnoticed.’

‘As a lifelong resident of Glendale of 27 years and a passionate advocate for her community, Dianna understands the unique needs and challenges facing the Yucca District,” said Clark. ‘With the support of the Arizona Fraternal Order of Police, she is poised to bring positive change and effective leadership to the Glendale City Council’.”

I urge you to vote for Dianna Guzman in Glendale’s Primary Election on July 30, 2024. Early ballots will be mailed out starting on July 3, 2024. Please mark your ballot for Dianna Guzman and mail it back promptly.

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