It has been 17 years and 291 days since the city’s pledge to build the West Branch Library.

In the October 15, 2015 edition of the Glendale Star there is an editorial encouraging the voters of the Sahuaro district to recall Councilmember Sherwood and to elect Ray Malnar as their new representative. Here is the link: .  One of the reasons offered for Sherwood’s removal in the editorial caught my attention.

It stated in part, “…neither Sherwood nor any member of Glendale City Council has any regulatory authority in either school district, nor any school district, for that matter. Sherwood’s campaign signs, however, would have voters believe that if you vote for Sherwood, you support education.” Unfortunately Sherwood believes many voters don’t know that. Sahuaro district voters are just not that dumb. Sherwood’s use of aligning himself with education is overtly cynical and disrespects his constituents.

It appears obvious to all that Sherwood is truly desperate. Be assured the fire union has done polling for Sherwood and their guy is losing at the rate of 3 votes against him for every vote for him. Desperate people often act questionably. Sherwood’s attempt to fool the Sahuaro voters into thinking he can affect the education of their children seems to be just such a questionable act. It’s not surprising in the light of his other actions such as ignoring traffic citations and pandering to big money stakeholders while ignoring his constituents on issues of importance to them.

However, what made the Glendale Star decry a councilmember’s ploy of tying himself to education this time? Councilmembers Chavira and Aldama have used the same tactic in their previous election campaigns. They, too, led their district voters to believe that they could affect local education in their campaign mailers and campaign flyers. In those instances the Glendale Star voiced not a peep about their use of the very same tactic as Sherwood has employed.

Let’s hope the Glendale Star will voice the same strong opinion on this unethical tactic when Chavira and Aldama run for their respective seats next time. If it does not adopt this same stance regarding other candidates, then its claim to unbiased coverage of the news will have been destroyed.

© Joyce Clark, 2015


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