I votedThis Tuesday, August 26, 2014 voters will go to the polls and vote for the candidates of their choice. If you don’t vote then you are part of the problem and have lost the right to complain about your representative. Glendale’s three district elections are quite important and could determine Glendale’s future for many years to come.

Let’s focus on the Ocotillo district for a moment. Choices are current Councilmember Norma Alvarez; a more polished and slicker version of Alvarez, Jamie Aldama; Michael Hernandez, nearly invisible; and Bud Zomok.

On August 13, 2014 I received a voice message from Councilmember Alvarez. In the space of 62 seconds she managed to call me a liar three times, reminded me I am only an ex-councilmember and then invited me to a verbal duel, of sorts. She suggested we meet and bring “seconds” as witnesses or perhaps the purpose of the “second” would be to drag one of our mangled bodies off the field of verbal combat. As I have said before, one of my favorite sayings is, I refuse to have a battle of wits with an unarmed person.

Ocotillo residents need a strong, sane voice of reasonable representation. Two candidates, Alvarez and Aldama, seem to have their own agendas that are often not in sync with ALL of the residents of the Ocotillo district. For that reason and many more, I urge Ocotillo voters to select Bud Zomok.

Please note there are two picks for the Cholla district and the Sahuaro district. As stated previously, with so many candidates in each district, it is not anticipated that any candidate will capture 50% plus 1 in the Primary Election this Tuesday. This blog’s picks for the three districts are as follows:

Cholla District

  • Van DiCarlo
  • Lauren Tolmachoff

Barrel District

  • Randy Miller
  • Bart Turner

Ocotillo District

  • Bud Zomok

Good luck to all of the candidates who put themselves before the public.

© Joyce Clark, 2014


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