In the latest edition of the Glendale Star there is a Letter to the Editor by Bobby Gonzalo. Here is the link:

Since many of you do not get the Star I am offering the letter to you in its entirety.

If firemen support a candidate, run

“The fire department seems to spend a lot of money on candidates every election, but look at the results.

Gary Sherwood was heavily supported by the firemen and look what a catastrophe, as he was recalled. Sam Chavira is a fireman and what has he done except create chaos and spend money as if it were monopoly money. City Manager Brenda Fischer, whose husband is some sort of fireman in Las Vegas, caused a divide in the council and disrupted the city, and who supported her, Chief Mark Burdick, the rest of the fire department, Chavira and, of course, the man that interviewed her before the process even started, Sherwood.

“I talked to a fireman before Sherwood was recalled and his comment was that we need to keep him because he is for supporting and giving money to the fire department. So, they want to give money to themselves, but the heck with our roads, the heck with our recreation programs, the heck with our libraries.

“Don’t support their candidates unless you are absolutely sure they want to help everyone. It is like three people being in a desert with a little water; you need to dole it out proportionately so that everyone survives. Don’t vote for Burdick or Chavira. They are not good for Glendale. Vote for Jerry Weiers and Joyce Clark. They are here to help everyone, not just a select few.”

Bob Gonzalo