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Several days ago, Mattel, Inc. and Epic Resort Destinations, LLC. announced more plans for their Mattel Adventure Park slated to open in Glendale next to the VAI Resort. This is a pilot project for Mattel and their very first adventure park. Glen Bilbo was a principal in the original Crystal Lagoons project. His focus at that time and now, still remains on the Mattel aspect of the entire project. While Tommy Fisher and his son, Grant, are principals of the VAI portion of the project.

Hot Wheels and Thomas the Train

The entire complex is located at the southwest corner of 95th Avenue and Cardinals Way, just south of the football stadium. They announced that the Mattel Amusement Park’s plan is to be open in the first quarter of 2023. Previously they had announced initial attractions of Thomas and Friends and Hot Wheels.

Now add to that line up Barbie, Masters of the Universe, and Mattel Games. “The new additions include a Barbie Beach House, which comprises an immersive Barbie flying theater that takes riders through deep underwater and outer space; a Dream Closet Experience with a hologram Barbie to curate a wardrobe; and a Barbie Rooftop, where guests can choose from a selection of signature pink beverages, sweet and savory snacks and experience panoramic views.” (Phoenix Business Journal, May 26, 2022).

Add a 9-hole miniature golf course that is a life-sized Pictionary game board and a climbing structure where you jump on oversized UNO cards to get to the top.  They will also have a Masters of the Universe’s Castle Grayskull featuring a laser tag arena.

Mattel Amusement Park

“We are extremely excited to add Barbie, Masters of the Universe and Mattel Games themed attractions and rides to an already outstanding offering in development at the first-ever Mattel Adventure Park. We have spared no expense to bring these iconic brands to life in ways that will delight visitors of all ages for years to come.” said Mark Cornell, president, Epic Resort Destinations, in a statement. (Phoenix Business Journal, May 26,2022).

This concept is full-throated, offering something for every age group, both boys and girls. It makes use of the latest in digital electronics to offer immersive experiences.

Just imagine, children can be water babies while using the lake and then spend time at the Mattel Amusement Park. What a special day for them.

I’m saving up now. While my Grandchildren are too old, my Great Grandchildren are just the right age for such a day.

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