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The days are in the high 60’s in Arizona in January. The nights are generally in the 40’s. I’ve cut the Koi back to half rations because their activity has slowed. The water is incredibly clear so it’s a good time to try to take photos of the fish. I will admit I am not a good photographer. Apparently, it is a skill I will never master.

One of my favorite fish is this one. It is called a Tancho in Japanese and is perhaps the most valuable one in my pond. Tancho are snowy white Koi with a large, red “Hi” marking on their heads. The position of the Hi marking is very important. It should be between the eyes and cover as much of that area as possible. It should be a well shaped marking, as round as possible and deep red in color. Here is my Tancho:

Here is a similar Tancho for sale for $500.00

Here’s another Tancho with the red Hi and black body markings for sale for $1500.00. I have several like these as well.

The next time I will show some of my personal favorite fish.

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