It has come to my attention that Freightliner has sent a response letter to Joe Hester, President of the Glendale Fire Union. Included in the letter is Freightliner’s assertion that the extended cab and Thelma brake system were indeed included in their bid at a cost far less ($422,000) than the $484,000 E-One truck for which the fire department was seeking approval from the city council.

So what’s going on? Hester said the following in his op-ed piece, “The truck Freightliner submitted to GFD for evaluation was not the extruded body cab used by our city and every other Valley fire department.” He went on to say, “The other key difference? The vehicle’s braking system.” Apparently these items were indeed included in Freightliner’s bid.

Was Joe Hester misinformed by one of his own people about the Freightliner bid? Did he not check Freightliner’s bid himself before he wrote his op-ed piece? Or is he deliberately attempting to confuse the issue and the apparent fact that the bid process was flawed?

As soon as I obtain the documents from Freightliner I will post them here for all to see – I suspect they will not be difficult to get.

© Joyce Clark, 2014


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