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Houston,Glendale has a problem. In November of 2001 there was a Special Transportation Election held in Glendale. It would amend Chapter 21.1 of Glendale’s City Codes and become law. Voters passed the ordinance creating one half of one penny in a sales tax increase expressly for the following uses:

  • Intersection improvements
  • Street projects
  • Extension of existing bus service
  • Increased Dial-A-Ride service
  • Express bus service
  • Regional light rail connection
  • Pedestrian and bicycle improvement projects
  • Airport projects
  • Safety improvements

If you look at the illustration below entitled #3 Specialized Transit Service there is a map that was published within the ballot. There is also specific language underneath the illustration that reads as follows, “Light Rail in Glendale will extend from 43rd Avenue to Downtown Glendale and will be based on arterial streets, but will not be located on Glendale Avenue. Construction of light rail in Glendale is subject to completion of a light rail connection in Phoenix.”PROP402-2001BallotwithMaps

There appear to be three specific, voter approved ratifications that have been law in Glendale since November, 2001. One, light rail must be sited on an arterial street, i.e., Northern, Glendale, Bethany Home or Camelback. Two, light rail cannot be placed on Glendale Avenue. Three, light rail may not be sited in Glendale until Phoenix has light rail to Glendale’s border.

At city council’s last workshop there was a presentation by Valley Metro. Based upon their preliminary planning Valley Metro has eliminated consideration of Northern Avenue or Bethany Home Road. That leaves only Glendale Avenue and Camelback Road for further consideration of some form of mass transit, whether it be light rail, rapid bus transit or modern streetcar.

If there is to be further consideration of Glendale Avenue.There is a legal problem in that the 2001 transportation election changed Glendale’s City Code, its laws. Until the City Code section pertaining to light rail is again amended light rail cannot be placed on Glendale Avenue. The relevant section of City Code may be amended in one of two ways. City Council can approve any amendment to the City Code by a majority vote at its regular council meeting or there can be another special election and the voters can approve an amendment to City Code. Should there be a recommendation by Valley Metro to site light rail along Glendale Avenue; a majority of city council will have to amend City Code to allow it to happen.

This is what happens when a city loses its talented, experienced personnel with historical memory.

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