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Lupe Conchas is running for the Alhambra School Board and the Cactus City Council seat. He was residing in the Ocotillo District for a few years and then in 2020 moved to an apartment in the Cactus District around 45th Avenue and Ocotillo Road. He owns no real property according to the Financial Disclosure Statement he recently filed with the Glendale City Clerk. He is 31 years old.

He lists his employment as Regional Organizer Manager for One Campaign and Regional Organizer for Bread for the World. He also lists himself as a Volunteer Coordinator for both non-profit organizations which are based in Washington, D.C.

In October of 2023 he started a business called Mobilizing Strategies, LLC. To date, after researching, the only client he has had is Analise Ortiz, a Democrat candidate for the Arizona Legislature. Her campaign committee paid him $2,500 for consulting services in December of 2023.

In 2019 he was the Arizona Democratic Party Affirmative Action Moderator. In 2023 he became the Vice Chair of the Executive Board of the Arizona Democratic Party. He proudly calls himself a Progressive Democrat.

When asked in an interview while running for the Alhambra School Board, who were his role models? He said, two union organizers Cesar Chavez and Dolores Huerta. In the same interview he said, “We need to review our discipline policies, safety protocols, and curriculum with a racial equity lens and protect our BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) students from discrimination, racism, and police violence. We have an opportunity to implement ethnic studies and cultural studies in our classrooms.”

As Vice Chair of the Arizona Democrat Party he said in another interview, “Arizona Democrats have resoundingly rejected the politics of Senator Sinema and are united in our determination to replace her in 2024,” explained Lupe Conchas, a vice chair of the Arizona party. “She turned her back on Arizona and today we turned our back on her. She does not represent us. It’s time for us to put our time and effort behind a candidate that puts working-class people first—not Wall Street hedge fund managers.” 

As a Progressive, not even a moderate Democrat, he supports a radical, progressive agenda that includes defunding the police, not holding criminals accountable for their crimes, and an open border agenda along with all the violent crime we see every day across the country. He supports the climate change agenda as well. As a Democrat, his agenda includes support for LGBTQIA and gender transitioning for young children.

In this photo you can see he is wearing a T Shirt with the Black Lives Matter symbol.










Here’s a very short history on the origin of the raised fist. It began as a Russian and Communist Party symbol. In the past few years, the Black Lives Matter organization adopted it. Obviously, it is a very polarizing symbol that Mr. Conchas has no problem associating with.

It went from this




to this




to this





If you are a Progressive Democrat, you will have no problem in voting for Mr. Conchas. Glendale, historically, traditionally, and culturally is a conservative community that still looks upon the American flag with respect. A majority of its residents still believe in faith, family, and community. They respect law enforcement and support it. They believe when someone commits a criminal act, he/she should be held accountable. They want their children to be children and they abhor the excessive violent crime created by an open border policy.

Here are the values of our City Council today, including the Cactus incumbent, Vice Mayor Ian Hugh. We have a great City Council that took Glendale from the brink of bankruptcy to earning the highest financial ratings from Fitch and other rating agencies. We have created nearly 24,000 new jobs in the Loop 303 area and that does not include all the new businesses in greater Glendale. We support our Police and Fire. We remain fiscally and culturally conservative and are focused on raising the quality of life for every Glendale resident.

Mr. Conchas has every right to run for the Cactus council seat, but he would be polarizing and he embodies the very values that a majority of Glendale’s residents and especially Cactus district residents do not hold. He would move Glendale in a direction that a majority of our residents do not want or accept. Would he organize demonstrations about policies adopted by a majority of city council that he did not agree with? After all, his major job is as an organizer and he has participated in many demonstrations. 

I urge the voters of the Cactus District to vote for Vice Mayor Ian Hugh for he is the true embodiment of Glendale’s values.

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