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Today Early Voting ballots were mailed out. I would expect you to get yours within the week. Please do vote. Fill out your ballot when you receive it and mail it back promptly. The longer one waits to vote, the more likely it will be forgotten and never mailed back.

Two incumbent candidates, having no opponents, are reelected. Mayor Jerry Weiers has no opponent and Councilmember Ray Malnar has no opponent.

The two district city council seats yet to be determined in the Primary Election on July 30, 2024, are the Cactus and Yucca districts.

In the Cactus district incumbent Vice Mayor Ian Hugh faces off against Lupe Conchas and in the Yucca district, Dianna Guzman is vying for the seat against her challenger, Lupe Encinas.

I endorse Vice Mayor Ian Hugh and I encourage you to vote for him. I have worked with Ian Hugh for 8 years, since 2016. I know Ian very well. He is smart, reliable and his word is his bond. He has an extensive understanding of the issues Glendale faces. What you may not know about him is his kindness and compassion toward others. He doesn’t make a big deal about it but he often drives people around to go food shopping or to make medical appointments. The same compassion he voluntarily offers to others is the same compassion he feels for all of Glendale’s residents. I know he makes policy decisions taking into consideration, his concern for others. Over the years he has demonstrated time and time again his love for his hometown, Glendale. He is a genuinely good person.

Lupe Conchas is not good for Glendale. He is a radical Democrat that believes in the far-left ideology of that party. He supports diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) but at what cost to African-Americans and Hispanics? He is endorsed by the LGBTQ community and supports gender reassignment for children. Police officers are the very people we rely upon to keep us safe yet his record is one of disrespect and non-support for them. His background includes traffic citations with a failure to appear and financial judgements against him. When he breaks the law he shows that he cannot or will not support the laws. If he can’t manage his money, he cannot be expected to manage the city’s $1.2 billion dollar budget.  He is ambitious and would use this city council seat to move to higher offices. Some unions are throwing a boatload of money-tons of it- into his campaign. He is more than willing to have them buy his seat on city council.

I am also endorsing Dianna Guzman for my Yucca district city council seat when I retire this December. Dianna Guzman has proven to me that not only is she working hard to get your vote but that she is ready for the job. She has lived in the district for 27 years and was part of our citizens’ group that saved Heroes Park land from being sold for yet another cookie cutter residential development. She has attended every city council workshop and voting meeting in person since she announced her run for office. She serves on Glendale’s Parks and Recreation Advisory Commission. She is a graduate of Glendale University and the Citizen’s Police Academy. In the crazy heat of July, she is out there three times a week with her volunteers door knocking and talking to residents. In fact, just now, one of Dianna’s volunteers knocked at my door. She is supporting Dianna as they are fellow church members. She knows Dianna and believes in her candidacy by walking and knocking on doors. Dianna not only has my support but my respect as well. If, and I hope, she is elected I know the Yucca district will be well represented.

Lupe Encinas is a well-meaning person, but she is just not ready for the job. It appears that she went into this race half-heartedly. She was slow on getting nominating petition signatures and just barely got enough to qualify. Her campaign finance statements are rife with errors.

What has proven to be interesting and amusing is that her campaign manager, Natalie Stahl, co-founded a group called Arizona Law Enforcement Wives Network. It is a small, mostly inactive group. It’s last Facebook post was in December of 2021 and its site, www.alewn.com doesn’t go to any page. If you have seen Encinas’ campaign signs they say endorsed by the Arizona Law Enforcement Wives Network. Yes, the same, small inactive group co-founded by her campaign manager, Natalie Stahl. Sounds great but signifies nothing.

Encinas is simply spread too thin as an owner of 4 different companies. I don’t care how good a time manager she claims to be, she won’t have sufficient time to do justice to you as a councilmember. She has aligned herself with Lupe Conchas and shares his values as a registered Democrat espousing a “Woke” agenda. It’s not Lupe Encinas’ time and deep down I suspect she and her supporters know that as evidenced by a lack luster campaign.

Police and fire support and endorse Vice Mayor Hugh and Dianna Guzman. You can trust their judgement. They vetted all of the candidates before making their endorsements. Please don’t let them down by choosing candidates that don’t wholeheartedly support them.

Please make sure that you vote by Early Ballot or at the polling location on July 30th. This may prove to be the most crucial election in Glendale’s history and the nation’s.

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