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As you know by now, I am supporting Dianna Guzman for my Yucca district city council seat. Coming up is your opportunity to meet her and ask her the tough questions. Dianna is well prepared about Glendale government and the city’s budget and is looking forward to meeting you.

Dianna is hosting a Meet & Greet event at Heroes Library on Wednesday evening, June 12th from 6 PM to 8 PM. Not only that, but Mayor Weiers and I will be there as well to take your questions and to tell you why Dianna is the right choice for Councilmember representing the Yucca district.

Dianna would appreciate an RSVP for the purpose of providing refreshments that evening. Please click on this link: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/meet-dianna-guzman-candidate-for-glendale-city-council-tickets-918936984257?aff=oddtdtcreator

Please join us that evening. We look forward to seeing you again or meeting you for the very first time.

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