I have offered the five Es of my campaign platform one by one over the past few weeks. Here is a comprehensive list of all five elements of my pledge to the voters of the Yucca district:


The current holder of the position seems to have misplaced his ethical compass. The people of Glendale have every right to expect their public officials to be of the highest character.  Taxpayer dollars fund councilmembers’ expense accounts. It’s your money and you should know the who, what, where, why and when of my expenditures of taxpayer money as a councilmember.

  • I am running to bring ethics, including honesty and integrity, back to the Yucca district city council position.
  • I pledge that as your councilmember I will make public every taxpayer dollar I spend. If the city cannot accommodate my intent then I will personally post all of my expenses on my blog site, for anyone to see at any time.


Without continual economic growth Glendale will not maintain its ability to keep its infrastructure in good repair nor will it be able to add amenities necessary for our residents’ quality of life. These elements go hand in hand with building an attractive economy. Businesses that look to locate in Glendale look for a well maintained city with amenities that are attractive to its employees.

  • I am committed to ensuring that Glendale’s local economy is vibrant and diverse to ensure that our city budget continues to become healthier and that well-paying jobs are created for Glendale’s residents.
  • I am committed to ensuring that Glendale’s planning and approval process for new business development is continually updated and made faster and more efficient through the latest technology available
  • I am committed to strengthening our partnerships with existent businesses by ensuring that Glendale’s business development department is constantly seeking new ways of assisting them and solving their needs
  • I am committed to making sure that Glendale’s business climate is diverse. For years Glendale has struggled to identify a business cluster to develop. That has not occurred and may be an opportunity in the years to come. In the meantime we must create new policies that attract all sorts of business to locate in Glendale.


Our world is changing rapidly. We live in an age when social media is vital to ensure that all of Glendale’s residents’ voices are sought and heard. You, who live within our community, are eager share how best to build an even stronger Glendale and Yucca district.

It is time to use social media and all of its potential. More and more of us use Facebook, Twitter, etc. and mobile platforms such as tablets and smart phones. These conduits have the capability to get information out instantly and to solicit the opinions of large groups of Yucca and Glendale residents.

  • I pledge to advocate for the use on online surveys and polls on city and district issues.
  • I pledge to resume hosting of regular district meetings, at a central location within the district.
  • I pledge to provide the opportunity at district meetings to express your concerns on issues important to you and to offer you the opportunity to submit complaints with regard to the performance of city services.
  • I pledge to resume the issuance of Yucca district newsletters mailed to every home.
  • I pledge to be accessible by use of the phone, the internet, other social media or in person.
  • I pledge to use social media to not only explain my point of view on issues but more importantly, to give you a venue where you know your opinion will be heard and valued. Be assured that I will listen and I have been known to change my position on an issue as a result of listening to Yucca residents.


The city is perceived by many residents in south and west Glendale as having failed them in an equal provision of city resources.  Residents of the O’Neil Ranch square mile have lost a major amenity with the closure of the city’s O’Neil Pool. Residents surrounding Heroes Park have waited over 18 years for its completion. City council approval of a recent residential subdivision allowing homes on 5,500 SF lots highlights an action that would not have occurred in any other part of Glendale.

The city’s commitment to these areas of Glendale has vanished on my opponent’s watch while serving as the Yucca district councilmember. He has consistently failed to represent your interests on these very important issues.

It’s time to take back our neighborhoods that have fallen victim to years of neglect. A city is not measured by its sports stadia but rather by the quality of life amenities offered to each and every neighborhood in the city. When one area of the city receives more resources than others, that is not equity. When it’s easier for a resident to get to and to use a library in one area of the city, that is not equity. When one area has to wait 18 years for its park to be completed, that is not equity. When some areas of the city look better and cleaner, that is not equity.

  • I pledge to work to refocus attention on the city’s areas of greatest need in south and west Glendale.
  • I pledge to advocate for the concept of equality in delivering the city’s scarce resources.
  • I pledge to work with city council to commit to reopening O’Neil Pool, completing Heroes Park and assuring homeowners that new development will raise their property values not diminish them.


We must implement responsible city growth. The city’s delivery of its essential, core services of public safety, water, sewer and sanitation is our first priority. Yet we cannot afford to ignore maintenance of the city’s visible assets: its streets, its city right-of-way landscaping, its parks and its major buildings.

  • I pledge to work with city council to ensure that comprehensive laws and adequate resources are adopted and used for responsible growth of our core service delivery.
  • I pledge to work with city council to ensure necessary funding is identified to preserve and improve our streets, roads and other city infrastructure.
  • I pledge to challenge the city’s senior management in its recommendations to ensure that city resources are used to meet its highest priority needs.
  • I pledge to ensure that city resources are placed where the needs are the greatest in terms of service delivery to our residents.

© Joyce Clark, 2016


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