Today, October 15, 2013 the city council at a workshop session will discuss relations with the Tohono O’odham. I received this email from:, a site sponsored by all of the Tribes in Arizona that oppose the proposed casino.  I thought it was worthy of passing on to my blog readers. I share the Tribes’ point of view and support their efforts wholeheartedly.

“Our communities are under threat of permanent damage by the Tohono O’odham Nation’s planned casino. The tribe from Southern Arizona wants to expand casino gambling outside the boundaries of their reservation. If they are successful, casinos, which Arizonans have voted overwhelmingly to keep on traditional reservation lands, could find their way into the hearts of our neighborhoods.
Using a flawed study, the Tohono O’odham have made absurd promises about their mega-casino’s economic impact. One certainty? Building a casino amid a residential neighborhood will have an impact … a negative, destructive impact.

Here are the facts on this new casino smack in the middle of a neighborhood, as determined by Elliot Pollack, one of Arizona’s leading economists:

  • The casino would need additional water, wastewater, and traffic infrastructure upgrades that could cost Glendale millions.
  • The City would be required to construct a new fire station costing $14.6 million.
  • Additional police officers would cost a reported $950,903 each year.
  • Fire fighters annual operation and maintenance cost would increase by $2.8 million annually.

How can you help protect our City?
Please contact Glendale City Council now and tell them say NO to a mega-casino resort in Glendale, located amid homes, schools and churches. 

  • Ask them to stand up and protect Glendale, our neighborhoods and the promise of Tribal Gaming in Arizona. Ask them to keep casinos to traditional tribal lands and keep the promise of no additional casinos in the Phoenix area.”

At a time when the city budget is remains under stress additional costs to provide infrastructure and public safety for a proposed casino cannot be accommodated unless residents’ services are cut even further. I understand the motivations of those who support the TO’s proposed casino. Because of Glendale’s financial problems they are quick to believe that this casino will solve Glendale’s financial woes. It may provide a limited number of short term construction jobs but it provides no on-going revenue streams to the city. They are willing to trade short-term gain for long-term pain. This proposed casino will do more to destroy the fabric of Glendale than any other action in recent memory.

Here are the email addresses of members of the Glendale City Council. Email them today…now…

Mayor Weiers at

Vice Mayor Knaack at

Councilmember Martinez at

Councilmember Hugh at

Councilmember Sherwood at

Councilmember Alvarez at

Councilmember Chavira at

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