fightingMy goodness! It’s really getting nasty out there as the deadline swiftly approaches for responses to Glendale’s Beacon Sports RFP or someone is announced as the buyer-of-choice by the NHL.

twitter warThere are those who discount Twitter. Do so at your own peril. It has become one of social media’s behemoths. Lately the newly renamed Ice Edge, now known as Renaissance Sports, has been taking potshots via Twitter at Pastor’s group and vice versa. There is also the tried and true tactic of not saying something directly but retweeting someone else’s tweet. One of my recent favorites is this from KCD Public Relations, in support of the Pastor group. KCD recently retweeted the following, “@HedgeyeDJ Ice Edge fails for 3 seasons to buy #Coyotes, then rebrands to RSE so they can annoy serious buyers?” A while back Daryl Jones, @HedgeyeDJ, tweeted “Silence is a source of great strength,” quoting Lao Tzu. Too bad neither side is heeding that sage advice.

Two_Mad_Teenager_Boys_Now warfare seems to be erupting between the City of Glendale and the NHL. There is Twitter talk that the NHL could have as long as ten years to vacate the arena as well as the current gossip that the City has not just been paying operating expenses for the arena but team losses as well. This shot across the ship of state (er…city) could be because Twitterdom has shared that the City of Glendale is blaming the NHL for not being better stewards of Arena and allowing the roof to go into disrepair and leak-big time.

All in an effort to win the hearts and minds of the public’s perception…included in that mix are hockey fans taking sides with one group or another right and left.

What is even more amazing are the plans of various groups to meet with the Mayor and Council despite the Beacon RFP admonition that speaking to officials of Glendale could disqualify an applicant at their (or someone’s) discretion. Pure politics. If you are the current favorite, it’s no big deal but heaven help you if you are not. This admonition will be played like a violin to get rid of unwanted players.