judge 1On May 8, 2013 the media ran two stories related to the proposed Tohono O’odham casino in Glendale. Here is the link to one of the stories:  http://www.eastvalleytribune.com/arizona/politics/article_bc3be462-b766-11e2-90d4-0019bb2963f4.html. Judge Campbell issued a ruling that found in part for the defendant, the Tohono O’odham but he asked for further argument to be submitted by May 22, 2013. It relates to the plaintiffs’ claim that the TO encouraged voters of the state to believe there would be no new casinos in the Phoenix Metro area while secretly planning to build a casino in the Phoenix Metro area. Campbell will then decide if there are enough grounds to support a lawsuit to halt the casino.

The other story was about a letter requested by Councilmember Hugh from the Acting City Manager Dick Bowers regarding the casino. Here is the link to that story:  http://www.glendalestar.com/news/article_7172ccd6-b755-11e2-b30f-001a4bcf887a.html.

Bowers Glendale Star

Dick Bowers
Courtesy Glendale Star

Bowers states that his opinion is an administrative one and not from a legal perspective but then he proceeds to legally opine on the 9th Circuit Court and the consideration of an appeal before the Supreme Court. Here’s a heads up. If the casino is referred to as a “resort” then you can be sure that person speaking supports the casino. Bowers refers to the casino as a “resort.” Until a majority of the city council gives direction that it no longer wishes to fight the casino that is city policy on the issue. Is it appropriate for the Acting City Manager to insert his clearly personal opinion into the issue of city policy? You decide but I think not. He is charged with supporting city policy as it exists. City council is the policy maker and city staff is charged with supporting it.

This issue is NOT decided yet. There is still the 9th Circuit Court which has ruled on only one of two issues before it. There is still Representative Trent Franks’ legislation to be passed or denied by Congress and the President. There are still appeals left for both sides.

fat lady singsI have posted in six previous blogs, using facts and figures the social and fiscal effects on Glendale if the casino is allowed to be sited here. Until all avenues are exhausted and the fat lady sings I will continue to speak out against a proposed TO casino – not “resort”- in Glendale.