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I have received information from the city that Breakthu Ministries does pay rent for the use of the Glendale Youth Center for its Sunday services. According to the city Breakthru Ministries pays the city’s standard room rental for an hour of time each Sunday which is $72.00 per hour.

I also was informed, according to city records, for the Breakthru Ministries event on Sunday, February 25, 2018 held at the Glendale Youth Center the organization paid the city’s standard room rental for just one hour of time at the rate of $72.00 per hour. This one puzzles me. On the poster it clearly states that the event starts at 11 AM and has no end time posted. The flyer offers a free concert, free food & drinks and a low rider display. Since Breakthru only paid for one hour, it must have been the fastest event ever presented. They had to set up, break down, serve all the refreshments, offer a concert and a low rider display…all in the one hour rental for which they paid. I call that amazing.

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