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After posting on the two BreakThru/Through ministries, I received these photos this morning from a reader and I though I would share them. It was taken this morning. The question to be answered is BreakThru Ministries paying rent to the City of Glendale for the use of its Youth Center for its Sunday services?

BreakThru Ministries service at the Glendale Youth Center

This photo, again sent by the reader, is a screen shot from the internet posted by BreakThru Ministries advertising its Sunday service at the Glendale Youth Center.

I have no animus toward this church but I strongly believe in the Constitutional mandate of separation of church and state. If this church is paying rent to the city it is legal and legitimate and fulfills the requirement of separation of church and state. 

If it does not, then it is in violation and Ocotillo Councilmember Jamie Aldama is endorsing and associating with, for want of a better term, a rogue organization. The question becomes if the Councilmember knowingly associates with this group who may not be in compliance, it then becomes fair game to look at and to question his other associations. It is scrutiny everyone who runs for office often faces.

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