The countdown is on. Today is August 10, 2016. In 20 days all Early Ballots will have been mailed or will be turned in to voting sites and on August 30, 2016 voters will go to the polls to vote.

As did all candidates, I have walked and telephoned, delivered campaign fliers, had Meet ‘n’ Greets, participated in media interviews, planned the design of campaign mailers and mailed them out. I have posted on every social media site and even posted mini-videos. Campaign signs have been planted in residents’ yards and on nearly every street corner in the district. I exhausted the first supply of yard signs and had to order more.

I raised $9,640 – just $360 shy of a goal of $10,000. If you can give just a little bit thermometer w new numbers July 28 2016more I will have enough to cover bills still coming in. All of your $25, $50 and $100 donations added up and are a testament to the power of the people. Please send whatever you can to Joyce Clark, 8628 W. Cavalier Drive, Glendale, AZ 85305. Please make your check out to “Clark for Council.” If your contribution is over $50 by law I must have your name, address, employer and job title. My thanks to all who have donated as well as those who send me a contribution now, when it is needed the most.

The most amazing thing happened during this campaign. Not only have I had an opportunity to renew old friendships but nearly every contribution I have received has come from Yucca district residents or city-wide residents. I am so proud of that accomplishment but I am also very humbled and grateful to see the level of faith and trust so many of you have placed in me.

There are so many differences in our candidacies for the Yucca district city council position. I haven’t raised nearly the campaign cash that my opponent, Sammy Chavira, has raised but his first two filed campaign committee reports show that his money has come from only one source — special interests – the majority of cash and independent mailings from unions. Nearly all of my campaign donations have come from people like you.

There are stark differences in our campaign styles as well. Sammy has relied on his job as a fire fighter to provide you, the voter, with a reason to vote for him. But that is exactly why you should not vote for him. His full time job as a fire fighter has caused him to fail to carry out his responsibilities as a councilmember. Sammy has offered you, the voter, a laundry list of generalities in terms of his goals and accomplishments. Sammy has not bothered to list anything factual. Sammy can’t point to his record because it is so blemished and unethical.

We are judged “by the company we keep.” Sammy’s best buddy on city council was former Councilmember Garry Sherwood, recalled and disgraced. Many to this day believe that Sammy flip flopped on his campaign pledge and voted for the Coyotes deal so that Sherwood would support the casino.

  • Sammy has been invisible and failed to do his job as your councilmember.
  • Sammy has abused your trust in him by abusing taxpayer dollars on lavish trips.
  • Sammy thinks he’s above the law.
  • Sammy has offered a campaign platform devoid of anything concrete.
  • Sammy has presented only platitudes and generalities.
  • Sammy has a full time job as a fire fighter and no time to be a full time councilmember.
  • Sammy is offering the same, tired promises of 4 years ago and will fail to deliver on them just as he has done during his one term.

You deserve better than this. I pledge my accessibility and accountability. I’ve done it before and will do it again. I offer you my 5 E’s of Ethics, Economy, Engagement, Environment and Equity. I will post every taxpayer dollar spent from my councilmember budget. You deserve no less.

You have a choice. You can choose between Sammy’s years of inaction and my proven record of action. You can choose to “get your voice back” or you can have councilmember silence on the issues that concern you the most.

Here’s a simple comparison for your consideration:

  Sammy Joyce
Presented Biography No Yes
College graduate ?? Yes
Listed accomplishments while serving No Yes
Listed community involvement Yes Yes
Presented specific platform No Yes
Source of campaign contributions Special Interests The People
Current job full time fire fighter retired
Abused taxpayer dollars with travel Yes No
Held district meetings 1 in 4 years Min. of 2X a year
Attended neighborhood meetings No Yes
Returned your phone calls No Yes
Attended council meetings Missed 12 in 1 term Yes, faithfully
Active participant at council meetings No Yes
Failed to appear in court, driver’s license suspension as a result of a traffic ticket Yes No
Flop flopped on Coyotes vote Yes No


I have done all the things necessary in a campaign to convince you to support me…walked and talked, mailed and met. Now it is up to you. All I can do is wait and hope that you, the voter, recognize the real, basic differences between us and how we will represent you. I ask for your vote by Early Ballot or on August 30th.

Can you afford Sammy any longer?

© Joyce Clark, 2016


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