It has been 18 years and 124 days since the city’s pledge to build the West Branch Library.

Since I and volunteers have been walking for nominating petition signatures I have lost 15 lbs. It seems I have become living proof of the benefits of walking.  As I walk and reconnect with people even those who are not registered wish me luck or urge me to be safe or offer me water. People are amazing.

We are on track to acquire the maximum number of signatures needed by May. Why not settle for getting the minimum number needed? There is usually about a 40% error rate. Some people claim to be registered and are not. Some people who sign the petitions do not live in the district but rather just across a district border. All of the signatures will be verified before turning them in to insure that there is at least the minimum number of “good” signatures. It is tedious and time consuming work.

Fundraising continues and will continue throughout the entire campaign and after. The most expensive element of any campaign is the political mailers. It can easily cost $5,000 to do one district mailing. I have been incredibly touched by handwritten notes sent with campaign donations. Here is just a brief sampling:

  • “We are glad you are running for city council again. You have our support.thermometer w new numbers Ap 20 2016 We will continue to help any way we can.”
  • “We are not in your district but we need your voice and community commitment more than ever.”
  • “Welcome back! Our neighborhood has gone down since you left.”
  • “I don’t live in your district so I can’t support you with a yard sign. I will be happy to help in any way that I can.”
  • “You will bring wisdom and leadership, again, to Glendale.”
  • “Glendale sure needs you back.”

What is even more incredible is that contributions are coming in not just from Yucca district residents but from all over Glendale…from north Glendale, zip code 85308 to central Glendale, zip codes 85304 and 85302 to south Glendale, zip code 85301. All of my contributions to date are coming from people just like you in amounts of $25, $50, $100 up to $500. It is truly astonishing and I am humbled by the outpouring of good wishes as well as a distinct yearning for leadership and representation.

Running for office is difficult. One has to be truly committed to take up the challenge. Your days become consumed…answering resident phone calls; making phone calls for contributions; walking the district; and attending small, neighborhood meetings.

In the meantime, I and my campaign group are designing campaign signs, drafting the beginnings of a campaign message for a mailing and setting up neighborhood meetings. It is a busy time. Everyone is excited. They can feel change coming and so do I.

© Joyce Clark, 2016


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