My family has always been law enforcement. One member is a retired officer. I am proud of the deep and lasting relationships I have with many in the Glendale Police Department. That is why I am particularly proud to share two law enforcement endorsements with you. One is from the Arizona Police Association and the other is from the Fraternal Order of Police. In addition I received an unsolicited endorsement from a retired Commander of the Glendale Police Department.

FOP EndorsementAPA endorsement June 19 2016


August 3, 2016

I have known Joyce Clark since she first became a council woman.  She immediately jumped into her duties as a council woman full time. She continually met with the Police Department Staff on crime issues and held neighborhood meetings to bring neighborhood and district issues to the attention of city staff and police department.

She studied issues and asked very in-depth questions of all city staff to ensure every angle of the issue had been reviewed and it would be in the best interest of her constituents and the city as a whole.

I can honestly say that with my 36 years at the police department, I have never seen any councilmember more dedicated to representing her district and its citizens. She is truly amazing in her love for the city and her district and I, without hesitation, endorse Joyce Clark as councilmember for the Yucca District.”

 John E. Krystek,

 Commander, Glendale Police Department


The Glendale Star, Thursday, August 4, 2016 ran several Letters to the Editor that I share with you now.

Letter to the Editor

“Very disappointed in The Glendale Star’s non-recommendation for the Yucca District Council nomination. In all other races, the paper gave clear reasons as to why the other positions and candidates were qualified for office and named the person whom they recommended. Not the Yucca district.  

For some reason The Glendale Star chose to state the candidates “are a classic dilemma of choice with no clear or substantive advantage between the candidates.”

That’s a bunch of baloney. They are different as night and day and The Glendale Star must be blind not to see that.  You’ve been writing for weeks about a number of problems Sam Chavira has incurred. He has provided very little, if any, support to the people of the Yucca district in his tenure. Because of that, he has received no financial backing for his race from the residents of the Yucca district. All of his support comes from special interests and unions. On the flip side, Joyce Clark’s campaign is based solely on donations from Yucca district residents who trust and believe in her.

Joyce Clark has been a person of action and will continue to work for the citizens of Glendale. I’d say there’s a vast difference between the two candidates. One understands all facets of the job and the other has no clue.

I could cite more reasons why Sam is not qualified but your paper and the Arizona Republic have done a better job over the past months. Four more years of Sam Chavira would be a disservice to the City of Glendale. We all know it and I still don’t understand why the Star couldn’t say it.”

Bob Stratton

Letter to the Editor

“I will tell you why you should vote for Weiers and Clark by telling you that the fire department needs to stick to fighting fires and stay out of politics.

Before I start, I would like to say I have always supported the firemen and police of Glendale. Safety has always been my concern. However, when they push candidates like (Mark) Burdick and (Samuel) Chavira upon the community, it is time to take a second look at their candidates. The fire unions have put a lot of money into the elections in Glendale and look what we have gotten.

We have Councilmember Chavira, who sold the farm to Coyotes and put the city in debt. He spent city money to see the Pope in Washington; not in person, but on a screen. He has no district meetings with the voters, misses meetings and it seems the only time he talks is when salaries for firemen are on the agenda.

Mr. Burdick is not much better, since in 2012, the fire department was audited while under his watch. It was found that policy was broken in regards to procurement.

Lastly, if you read The Glendale Star’s interview with him last Thursday, you will see that he said he has to lie to win. If this is the best the fire department has to offer, the city will be in deep trouble if they are elected.”

Norma Alvarez

Former Glendale City Councilmember

Letter to the Editor

“Sammy Chavira says to vote on his record. What record?

1. One meeting with his district voters in four years.

2. He, along with best buddy, Sherwood, gave money away to the Coyotes. That is why we have potholes in our streets.

3. He spends money on frivolous trips to Washington D.C. to see the Pope on a screen.

4. When the apartments on 75th and Glendale were condemned and people had nowhere to live, Sammy was not there to help.

5. He supports the fiestas, but when you want to know what the money went for, he never produces receipts.

6. He has missed more meetings than any other councilmember. Not that that is a great loss.

7. He supported the Cinco de Mayo fiestas, along with Jaime Aldama. Again, no receipts, but we did get vandalism to the tune of $50,000. He should be in the newspaper every day, demanding that people be arrested and that restitution be made. Not Sammy; those are his buddies’ kids.

8. Sammy is a planted fireman, who was asked to run to get more money for the fire department. He is all show, but no go.

Vote for Joyce Clark and get someone that will show up for meetings, get our streets fixed, get decent libraries in the Yucca District, and above all, will be a workhorse, not a show horse like Sammy.”

Bob Gonzalo

© Joyce Clark, 2016


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