This afternoon I will be visiting the City Clerk’s office at Glendale City Hall for the purpose of picking up a nominating petition packet and establishing a political committee. Yes, I have decided to run for the Yucca district councilmember seat.

I took my time to really think about it. I weighed the pros and cons. I talked to family and friends and asked for their unvarnished opinions. Since Norma Alvarez’ Letter to Editor was published I have been inundated with positive phone calls and emails. My former constituents want me to run. They want to “get their voice back.”

Why am I running? For fame and glory? Hardly. Being a councilmember is time consuming. There are not just the Tuesdays one gives up for council meetings and workshops. There are weekends doing “homework” after council books are delivered. There are small meetings with neighborhood groups. There are the countless phone calls to solve a constituent problem, to listen to a constituent concern or to hear a constituent opinion. There are local functions and regional meetings representing the leadership of our community. It’s a thankless job where more often than not, complaints rather than compliments prevail.

I can and will be the voice of my constituency. I can and will resume holding district meetings. I can and will send out district newsletters. I can and will be available by phone, email and in person to listen to constituents. I can and will use my abilities to make the best decisions possible for all of Glendale. I can and will seek innovative ways to deliver the best possible services to all the people of Glendale.

Sammy has failed to do all of those things. Sammy has failed to reach out to and to listen to his constituents. Sammy has failed to have district meetings and in his term had only one, in early 2013. Sammy has never sent out a district newsletter instead relying on his e-newsletter written by staff. Sammy has not been available and has often canceled scheduled meetings with Glendale residents. Sammy has taken to participating at council meetings telephonically. Sammy has done nothing at council meetings other than to thank everyone.

Perhaps more importantly Sammy has squandered taxpayer dollars with trips that did not serve the interests of Glendale such as going to D.C. to see the Pope or to witness his buddy’s induction into Congress. Sammy has squandered taxpayer dollars by financially supporting Glendale festivals that failed such as $8,000 of taxpayer money for a Watermelon Festival and      $2,500 of taxpayer money at a festival that promoted political candidates of just one political party. Sammy has squandered taxpayer dollars by picking up the tab for lavish meals such as a $420 dinner in D.C. for his boss, the Phoenix Fire Chief, and others including her husband. Sammy appears to be using his position as a councilmember who voted for supporting the casino to obtain a job at this casino from the Tohono O’odham. Sammy has not only failed to serve his constituency but he has also failed to work in the best interests of our entire community.

I have done the job before. I know that I can be effective and responsive. We may not agree on every issue but on those issues where we do not agree I will listen respectfully. I am ready and willing to serve my community again.

Here is the Press Release issued today:

Press Release Mar 2016

As I run you can expect blogs on how and what one does when one runs for a local office. I suspect that you will learn things that you did not know or never considered. I do know one thing. I cannot take this journey without your support. You answered the call when I asked that you share your opinion about my running but there is more to be done. I need your support. I need your help in collecting nominating petition signatures. Can you canvass your neighborhood for me? If you cannot walk, can you make calls? Can you help to prepare political mailings? Can you host a get together at your home so that I might answer questions posed by you and your neighbors? Can you plant a yard sign in front of your home? Lastly, can you contribute to my campaign? Even $5 will help. Many small contributions do add up.

Let the race begin and let’s “get your voice back.”

© Joyce Clark, 2016


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