I have shared Sammy’s record with you based upon facts reported publicly or from city council meeting minutes: his failure to fulfill his duties as a councilmember and to be accessible and to represent his constituency; his speeding ticket and subsequent actions; and of course his abuse of taxpayer money with his lavish trips. He has abused the trust voters placed in him and has shown himself to be ethically bankrupt.

What do I stand for? Why vote for me?

  • Completion of Heroes Park with a permanent West Branch library
  • Location of a grocery store within the district
  • New business attraction with quality jobs
  • Creation of a business incubator
  • Streamlined city business codes and regulations
  • Adoption of zero-based budgeting
  • Equitable use of all city resources and redress for areas long neglected
  • Continued emphasis on street repair and reconstruction
  • Continued fiscal emphasis on our core city services
  • Adoption of technology that keeps city government lean and effective
  • Refocus on code compliance
  • Accessibility to constituents in-person, by phone, email or other social media
  • Regular posting online of every cent of taxpayer money I spend with who, what, where and why
  • Restoration of integrity and ethics to the position of Yucca district councilmember
  • Will “do my homework” on all issues coming before council and consistently and regularly attend all council meetings
  • Will represent you and “get your voice back”

Here are a few previous accomplishments

  • Hosted a tour for senior management of the Yucca district sparking the creation of the Neighborhood Partnership Program
  • Successfully gained council approval for the first 50,000 Christmas lights in Murphy Park now known as Glendale Glitters
  • Loan program for E-readers
  • Adoption of Care Program providing discount prescription drugs for people and their pets
  • Piloted street identification signage for motorists later adopted throughout the city
  • Successfully gained basketball courts, water play feature for children, tot lot, X-Court and ramadas for Heroes Park
  • Insured that new residential development  such as Rovey Farm Estates, Missouri Ranch and Missouri Estates, incorporated large lots designed to raise property values in our area

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