It has been 18 years and 136 days since the city’s pledge to build the West Branch Library.

Our world is changing rapidly. We live in an age when social media is vital to ensure th6XB820H7that all of Glendale’s residents’ voices are sought and heard. You, who live within our community, are eager share how best to build an even stronger Glendale and Yucca district.

It is no longer “enough” for the City of Glendale to hold public meetings, often sparsely attended. People are just too busy living their lives to make a commitment to attend. However, I believe there is still a place for them in communicating with the people of the Yucca district through twice yearly district meetings.

It is time to use social media and all of its potential. More and more of us use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. and mobile platforms such as tablets and smart phones. These conduits have the capability to get information out instantly to large groups of Yucca and Glendale residents.

There is yet another use for social media that has been generally ignored by the city to date. Too often, the city announces decisions without the benefit of socialth7NYL9EW7 media’s use to engage residents in its decision making process. I’m not referring to big decisions such as the update and adoption of Glendale’s next City Plan for that is an issue where city solicitation of residents’ opinions is robust but rather relatively smaller issues where social media could be a valuable tool.

  • I pledge to advocate for city use of on online surveys and polls on city and district issues.
  • I pledge to resume hosting of regular district meetings, at a central location within the district.
  • I pledge to provide the opportunity at district meetings to express your concerns on issues important to you and to offer you the opportunity to submit complaints with regard to the performance of city services.
  • I pledge to resume the issuance of Yucca district newsletters mailed to every home.
  • I pledge to be accessible by use of the phone, the internet, other social media or in person.
  • I pledge to use social media to not only explain my point of view on issues but more importantly, to give you a venue where you know your opinion will be heard and valued. Be assured that I will listen and I have been known to change my position on an issue as a result of listening to Yucca residents.

A councilmember’s duty is to reach out to district residents. Reaching out to district residents has always been my priority and was practiced during my previous service to you. From time to time you may have a complaint about the level of service you receive from the city. It will remain my responsibility to advocate for you and to work to get your complaint resolved.

© Joyce Clark, 2016


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