It has been 18 years and 140 days since the city’s pledge to build the West Branch Library.

The final E of my vision for Glendale and campaign platform is the Environment. We must implement responsible city growth. The city’s delivery of its essential, core services of public safety, water, sewer and sanitation are our first priority. Yet we cannot afford to ignore maintenance of the city’s visible assets: its streets, its city right-of-way landscaping, its parks and its major buildings.

  • I pledge to work with city council to ensure that comprehensive laws and adequate resources are adopted and used for responsible growth of our core service delivery
  • I pledge to work with city council to ensure necessary funding is identified to preserve and improve our streets, roads and other city infrastructure
  • I pledge to challenge the city’s senior management in its recommendations to ensure that city resources are used to meet its highest priority needs
  • I pledge to ensure that city resources are placed where the needs are the greatest in terms of service delivery to our residents

Too often, especially during the crafting of the city’s annual budget, senior management makes recommendations that grow government rather than meeting essential needs of our citizens. Local government must be lean and technologically adept to deliver the flexibility needed as new challenges arise. It is not always a question of adding employees but rather the adoption of new and innovative strategies to meet those challenges. As the city grows new employees delivering our essential, core services must be added to meet that new growth. As technology continues to evolve non-prioritized services will be able to meet their goals not by employee growth but by smarter, more efficient ways of doing business and by the use of continual employee training in new technologies. There is room for both strategies and it is critical to balance both.

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