The second piece of my platform in my run for the Yucca city council district seat is the Bag of Money ClipartEconomy. Glendale is just beginning its climb out of the Great Recession. Westgate and the surrounding area will continue to add new development that has already been approved by previous city councils. The next great economic frontier is west Glendale past the Loop 101 out to the Loop 303 and beyond to Sarival Road. Glendale’s future opportunities include building a diversified economy and providing good jobs for our residents. How can we achieve such goals?

  • I am committed to ensuring that Glendale’s local economy is vibrant and diverse to ensure that our city budget continues to become healthier and that well-paying jobs are created for Glendale’s residents.
  • I am committed to ensuring that Glendale’s planning and approval process for new business development is continually updated and made faster and more efficient through the latest technology available
  • I am committed to strengthening our partnerships with existent businesses by ensuring that Glendale’s business development department is constantly seeking new ways of assisting them and solving their needs
  • I am committed to making sure that Glendale’s business climate is diverse. For years Glendale has struggled to identify a business cluster to develop. That has not occurred and may be an opportunity in the years to come. In the meantime we must create new policies that attract all sorts of business to locate in Glendale

Without continual economic growth Glendale will not maintain its ability to keep its infrastructure in good repair nor will it be able to add amenities necessary for our residents’ quality of life. These elements go hand in hand with building an attractive economy. Businesses that look to locate in Glendale look for a well maintained city with amenities that are attractive to its employees.

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