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Recently I posted a blog in which the surmised conclusion was three councilmembers were attempting to score political points on the issue of presumption cancer claims for Glendale’s firefighters.

Today the City Manager issued a memo addressed to Councilmember Tolmachoff and copied the entire city council on this subject. As such it is a public document and I include the full document here: Memo – Presumptive Cancer

I refer to some relevant portions of that memo.

“To recap, the City’s policy for handling presumptive cancer claims is to follow state statutes as instructed by the ICA (Industrial Commission of Arizona) and administered by our TPA (Third part administrator, CORVEL). Cases that have been denied and have exhausted the ICA appeals process can make their case directly to the City’s Risk Manager. It has been my instruction to the City’s Risk Manager to carefully review each case individually based of the facts of the claim, and further, in accordance with the spirit of the presumptive cancer legislation, approve any claim that has been denied if warranted.”

Earlier this year the City issued a press release that cited a letter of agreement between the City and the Glendale Chapter of the Firefighters Association. In part, it said, “This letter also calls for Glendale staff to work with their labor partners to pass a state law that clarifies that any reoccurrence of cancer diagnosed during the old (state) rules must be covered under the new state law…”

Councilmember Tolmachoff referred to a previous workshop in which she brought up the issue. This was her response when, at that workshop, the Mayor concurred with Councilmember Tolmachoff that reoccurrences of cancer were an important issue for the staff to research. In the actual video of that meeting she said, “And that is not my item of special interest about the reoccurrence of cancer Mayor and I am not going to issue another Council Item of Special interest.”

The Mayor, in response to the previously cited letter of agreement coupled with Councilmember Tolmachoff’s above statement, felt it appropriate to get Council consensus to move forward with working with state legislators to correct any lapses in the state law.

What is really going on? This is an attempt to make political hay. This is certainly not the first time that an attempt has been made to make an issue political for gain and it won’t be the last.

It is important that you, the reader, are made aware of such attempts.

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