Rumors abound about the Coyotes’ ownership saga. Sightings of potential owners now occur regularly at every home game. Thank goodness, according to the research done by one of our Coyotes’ “thug gang,” Greg Dunaway, average attendance is up by at least 7%. When you go to a game, it looks like a full house to me. That surely warms the heart of any potential owner of the team.

At the last game I had my trusty binoculars in tow (usually I forget to bring them or am too lazy to carry them). I spotted John Kaites in Mike Nealy’s suite and George Gosbee chatting in the lower level. I didn’t see LeBlanc, Hulsizer or Jamison. That doesn’t mean they weren’t there. I simply did not spot them. I also saw Councilmember Sherwood in his new Coyotes jersey with his name and number 13 on the back. He visited Nealy’s suite for a generous helping of snacks and goodies and then swiftly disappeared.

Just for fun I have once again added what is fast becoming the Coyotes’ Wheel of Fortune. If you could spin it wherever Wheel of fortune 4the pointer landed would be as good a guess as any as to who the new owner will be. There was an old radio show when I was a kid called “The shadow knows.” In this case, it’s not the shadow, it’s Commissioner Bettman who knows the winner of this contest.

ouija boardOnce the new owner is announced and brought to Glendale for the final act, you can then use this trusty Ouija board to find the answer to the question of: Will a majority of the Glendale City Council award the lease management contract? Right now, a Ouija board will give you a comparable answer to any of the speculators.  Have fun!