The Glendale Monthly Arena Report for March, 2014 is now online at the city website. Here is the link: . It tracks similarly to the previous reports with qualified ticket sales (of 14,061) being up slightly. April’s report will have the figures from the last 5 games. That report, also, will look quite similar. Here is the March Report: Mo Arena Report Mar 2014

I have also prepared a Summary of the last 7 months’ worth of financial information. Here it is: Mo Arena Report Summary May 2014_Page_1Mo Arena Report Summary May 2014_Page_2Take aways from the Summary show that all “enhanced revenues”, and I included the Supplemental Qualified Ticket Surcharge of $1.50 per ticket, to date have totaled $3,641,547. The city’s expenditures to date total $6,502,055.

Note that some items are prorated. The Agreement start date was August 5, 2013. It is one month and 4 days shy of a full fiscal year. As a result, the Base Rent for the first year is not $500,000 but rather $326,712. The Safety & Security Fee is not $174,122 for the first year but rather $156.948. The big one is the Management Fee the city pays of $15 million a year. The first year it is $13,750,00.

The extreme right column labeled “FY Est.” is an educated guess, based upon 7 months of fiscal performance to date, of the final numbers for the Fiscal Year. I have relied upon publicly available figures. The Fiscal Year estimated revenues to the city are $5,523,000 and the expenditures are $14,200,68.

The city has $6 million budgeted leaving it with a deficit for the year of $8,677,685. Add to that figure an annual construction debt payment of about $12 million a year. This year’s loss on the arena will come in somewhere around the $20 million mark.

The city’s Contingency Fund sits at zero as it was used to pay a portion of the management fee. If there is an immediate crisis the city will have to reapportion some regular line item amount to cover it. I’m sorry but I don’t see how the new senior management has done any better at managing the city’s money than the old regime. No matter what, the current situation is…Unsustainable.

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