In the September 18, 2014 Glendale Star its editor, Carolyn Dryer, penned an editorial decrying U.S. Senator Trent Franks endorsement of a Glendale City Council candidate. Whoa…let’s take a look at this.

  • It’s OK if…the Star and the Republic , in their usual, unbiased fashion (yeah, right) endorse a local candidate.
  • It’s OK if…the local fire union endorses (and works for and contributes financially to) a local candidate.
  • It’s OK if… a local pastor, rabbi or priest endorses a local candidate.
  • It’s OK if… a president of a university or hospital endorses a local candidate.
  • It’s OK if… an owner of a sports team endorses a local candidate.
  • It’s OK if… a Chamber of Commerce endorses a local candidate.
  • It’s OK if… a state elected official endorses a local candidate.
  • It’s OK if… other Congressional officials, such as U.S. Representative Pastor, endorse a local candidate.

But it’s not OK if U.S. Representative Trent Franks endorses a local candidate. Hmmm, could it be because Representative Franks introduced a bill in opposition to the planned Tohono O’Odham casino and supports a local candidate who shares his position? Hmmm, could it be because the Glendale Star has repeatedly written articles in support of the TO casino? Nah…you decide.

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