The Primary Election is this Tuesday, August 30, 2016. For Glendale candidates the election will be over with the day’s results. Councilmember Ray Malnar and Vice Mayor Ian Hugh are running unopposed and will continue to serve in their capacities.

Mayor Jerry Weiers is facing former Fire Chief Mark Burdick and I am running against the incumbent, Sammy Chavira. Since there are only 2 candidates in each of these races, they will be decided in the Primary. A candidate must receive 50% of the vote plus 1 vote. Historically, there has been only one time in the state when neither primary candidate received 50% plus 1 and had to continue on to the General Election. It’s a rare occurrence.

As I sit writing I immediately think about all of the people who had enough faith and trust in me to become part of this campaign…there are too many to list but know this…I am in your debt.

Several people deserve special mention. Former Councilmember Norma Alvarez of the Ocotillo district insisted that I give running serious consideration and made a good case for my consideration. Norma, thank you for setting me on a path that provides me an opportunity to serve my community once again.

The other is my long time friend and confidant, Dawn Monaghan. She, as always, is a sounding board, editor and someone who keeps me on track when I tend to stray. Thank you Dawn.

Lastly, but certainly by no means least, is my family. It was they whom I asked about the idea of running again. They were immediately enthusiastic and urged me to do so. They walked with me, they hung signs and in true familial fashion, got angry about the lies my opponent spewed about me.

Based upon the feedback I have received from hundreds of former constituents, I feel very confident. A phone survey is no more than a snap shot in time and we had enough money to do just one. The results were that I was leading Sammy two-to-one. I guess we will find out if the phone survey was accurate very shortly.

I will be with my supporters on Election night. Mayor Weiers is hosting a viewing party for election results and I and my people will attend. If, and when I win, I will host a thank you party for my supporters and contributors at a later date.

Now is the time when all candidates get nervous. No one is ever certain whether they will win or lose. You hope you’ve done everything you could do to persuade and to educate voters and now it’s their turn to judge you with their votes. In a peek into the review I and my campaign staff made, here’s what we did:

  • Put up 80 campaign road signs 4’X4’
  • Put out 250 yard signs 18”X24”
  • Called an estimated 5,000 voters
  • Sent out weekly blast emails
  • Sent out 5 campaign mailings
  • Personally walked and called voters
  • Made automated calls to voters
  • Produced mini videos posted on my internet sites
  • Went to meet n greet events
  • Participated in the Glendale Women’s Club forum
  • Placed an ad in the Glendale Star
  • Responded to media requests for biography and answered their specific issue questions
  • Distributed 7,000 flyers within the district
  • Handed out campaign material at voting locations
  • Established a campaign website,
  • Wrote numerous posts on , on Facebook/Clark for Council and Facebook/joyceclark
  • Had many, many late night phone conversations tossing ideas back and forth and sometimes just musing over observations re: the campaign. Thank heaven I’m a night owl.

Being detail oriented here are a few funding facts. My campaign donations came from:

  • 21 contributions of $100 or more were from Glendale/Yucca district residents.
  • 10 contributions of $100 or more were from outside of Glendale. They were from friends, former colleagues and retired Glendale employees.
  • 22 contributions of $50 or less were from Glendale/Yucca district residents.
  • 5 contributions of $50 or less were from outside of Glendale. Again, they were from friends, former colleagues and retired Glendale employees.
  • I did receive 3 unsolicited PAC contributions totaling $1200 from 3 police associations that came with the endorsements I received from the Arizona Police Association and the Arizona Fraternal Order of Police.
  • No special interest money or PAC money was sought.

This campaign was funded by people, just like you. Unlike my opponent, I am beholden to no one except the people of the Yucca district and greater Glendale. I serve you, not special interests. For as you see, my campaign was funded primarily by Glendale and Yucca district residents. I can’t thank them enough.

Sammy and his big money, special interests have tried to divert the voters’ attention away from his shameful record. He violated his campaign promises almost immediately and the most disturbing was the use of taxpayer dollars as his personal checkbook for travel. Here is a link to the original Arizona Republic story by Paul Giblin: .

Sammy receives two paychecks. One is from the Phoenix Fire Department and is estimated to be approximately $100,000. The other is his $35,000 paycheck as a councilmember. Yet he still used nearly $25,000 of taxpayer money for personal trips to DC, for example. He has missed a dozen council meetings, has been late and has participated telephonically in others. He hasn’t done the job of a full-time councilmember yet he wishes to be reelected. He is a man with a broken moral compass and a man whose only priority is that of the special interests that bankroll his campaign.

Over my 16 years as councilmember I had an excellent record of service. I introduced innovations such as a Care Card program that provided discounts on prescriptions. I was fully accessible by phone, in person and by email. I helped so many of you with code issues or other issues with the city. I sent district newsletters to every household twice a year and held regular district meetings. I did not abuse the taxpayers’ trust and did not charge mileage or my monthly cell phone bill to the city, as some councilmember’s did. I challenged city personnel to defend their financial and policy recommendations to city council. I was honest, ethical and tried to make decisions that served the best interests of the people of my district and the city as a whole.

I have done the best I could and am at peace with my efforts. I sincerely thank those who have believed in me and worked so hard to elect me and I thank my family as well. I look forward with hope to writing a thank you to those who voted for and elected me.

© Joyce Clark, 2016        


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