As of this date the public does not know the status of the Arena management RFP that Council directed be used. Has it been issued? What are the specific criteria within the RFP?  Inquestion 2 addition to the issuance of an RFP Council directed a simultaneous track to pursue negotiations with potential buyers. Has there been any confirmation of a consultant hired to negotiate with any and all potential buyers of the team? What is the cost of this new consultant? Who determined the direction given to this consultant?  What was the specific instruction? Where are Mayor Weiers’ “mystery buyers”? Has the City Manager talked with them? Word on the street is there really aren’t any. Do they really exist? What is the City’s time frame for resolution of the Coyotes ownership situation? Is there a time frame?

In addition to the cloudiness surrounding the status of multiple tracks for management of the arena, word has it that Mayor Weiers has not abandoned his scheme to issue four separate contracts for question 1the management of arena.  If true, someone should advise the Mayor that his scheme is the surest way to lose the Coyotes team. Perhaps he knows that already and it is his way of publicly professing support while killing them and Westgate off gently. So, Mayor, ‘fess up. Do you really, really want the team to stay and Westgate to thrive? If so, please explain just how this idea of four separate management contracts will attract any buyer of the team.

And where, oh where, has the NHL gone? All we heard after the deadline for the Greg Jamison deal had passed was the NHL oft repeated and perfunctory comment saying they continue to work with confusion 4the City to secure a buyer for the team. All we saw was the granting of another extension by the City to the NHL to manage the arena until the end of the season. Now that the lockout is over it seems that they are consumed with realignment of the league. I suppose after that there will be another pressing issue to consider. The most pressing issue to be resolved is the sale of the Coyotes to a buyer committed to keeping the team in Glendale long-term. It’s been 3+ years. It’s way past the time for the NHL to focus itself on this issue and this issue alone. It would be refreshing to hear from Mr. Bettman that he is committed to selling the team by the end of this season. NHL, do you hear us? Don’t you think it’s time to reveal your plan for the Coyotes?

So many questions but so few answers… It’s time for the City of Glendale and the League to provide some as the real stakeholders, the team, the fans and the citizens of Glendale remain in limbo.

Enjoy my version of the team’s Wheel of Fortune. I suppose if you could interactively spin it, it’s result mirrors all of the speculation out there.

Coyotes Wheel Of Misfortune

Coyotes Wheel Of Misfortune

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