While I served on Glendale city council I created some pilot projects (some day I will talk about how Glendale Glitters began) that were adopted by the city council. I was always looking for projects that could enhance the quality of life of our residents. One such pilot project was mid-block identification signs. I had seen them in other cities so I installed them as a pilot project in my district. If you are in a vehicle you can easily see the sign naming the approaching major street. It was a good idea and these signs are now all over Glendale.

I also bought half a dozen E-readers and lent them out to my district residents. The only requirement was to provide feedback on their use. After the pilot project ended I donated them to Velma Teague library and the city adopted the program. Today you can go to any Glendale library and check out an E-reader.

Perhaps the program of which I am most proud is the city’s prescription drug discount card program. I had learned about it at a National League of Cities convention. I brought the information back to staff. After contacting the private company that hosts the program for further information, staff and I brought it forward to council for approval. Generally my bringing something to council met with doom because I was not on the mayor’s “good ole boy” team. How could they turn this down? It was at no cost to the city and saved our citizens money.

What’s not to like about a program like this? It’s a public/private partnership with Financial Marketing Concepts, Inc. that provides real savings to citizens for their prescriptions at no cost to the city. In fact, the city makes a small amount on each transaction.

How does it work? Go to www.coast2coastrx.com . There you can download and print the card for FREE as well as seeing the closest participating pharmacies. There are no restrictions. It doesn’t matter what your age, income or health status is. You don’t even have to be a Glendale resident although you will sign up under Glendale. You could live in Scottsdale, Peoria, New York City, Miami, Dallas or Los Angeles and still get the card. The card can be used at most pharmacy chains and independents. It covers more than 60,000 drugs. The card can also be used for your pet’s prescriptions.

You can also use the card to get up to a 50% discounts for families on dental, vision, diabetes and hearing. Lab and imaging services can be discounted up to 50 to 80% and even veterinary services are discounted 25% at participating offices.

This past year there were more than 7,000 claims, just in Glendale, resulting in $90,000 worth of savings to users. What better Christmas present could you give yourself and your family than a discount prescription drug and service card that’s free and could save you some of your hard earned dollars? Do yourself a favor. Go to the website and check it out for yourself. Merry Christmas!


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