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Yesterday, April 15, 2024, Timothy Schwartz, a Glendale resident represented by Timothy LaSota filed a complaint naming the following defendants: Stephen Richer, Maricopa County Recorder, all members of the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, Scott Jarrett, Maricopa County Elections Director, and Julie Bower, Glendale City Clerk asking that Jamie Aldama be removed from the ballot as a Glendale Mayoral candidate.

The allegations for removal are as follows:

  1. Signers not registered to vote
  2. Signers not qualified because of residency outside of Glendale
  3. Signers signed more than once
  4. Inauthentic signatures

Seven circulators are named as having allegedly circulated petitions with invalid signatures.

The required number of valid signatures for the mayoral race is 1,888. Aldama submitted 2,367 signatures. Plaintiff has identified an alleged 670 signatures as invalid, and the allegation is that Aldama only has a total of 1,697 valid signatures making him short of valid signatures by 191.

Plaintiff is asking that Aldama be removed from the ballot, and an award of taxable costs.

There is a pre-trial hearing before the court scheduled for Friday, April 19th at 10 AM and the court case is scheduled for this coming Tuesday, April 23rd at 10 AM.

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