It has been 18 years and 149 days since the city’s pledge to build the West Branch Library.

The following is from reliable sources and some of the assertions have been Barrio Breakthrucorroborated. Recently the City of Glendale co-sponsored the Cinco De Mayo Festival in downtown Glendale with Barrio Breakthru Productions (the listed principal is Yvonne Nunez). Someone, during the course of the weekend festival, had access to the “B” meeting rooms in City Hall presumably for the purpose of allowing various participants to use the “B” rooms in preparation for their participation in the festival.

If it is city policy to allow participants in city sponsored events the use of its meeting rooms then it is time to revisit this policy? Does the city require supervision? By whom? Is the policy for use of city rooms posted anywhere? What is wrong with using the city hall restrooms rather than its meeting rooms? Does the city require some kind of insurance by event producers to cover this type of situation?

It is alleged that some of the participants who had been allowed entry into city hall committed approximately $30,000 worth of damage to property, computers, accessories, etc., in one of the meeting rooms, clearly city property. The large dollar value of the damage probably meets the classification of “criminal damage.” The “B” meeting room in question at city hall is currently locked and apparently no one is allowed access to that room. This action seems to verify that something untoward happened in that room.

It appears the Glendale Police Department took a complaint and it was discovered that the participants who had caused the damage are on video.

Now for the sixty-four dollar question, er… make that the $30,000 question…will the city (City Manager Kevin Phelps) file criminal damage charges against the perpetrators? It appears someone had access to city hall meeting rooms and allowed participants to use them freely without any seeming oversight of the activities occurring in those rooms. Who had access that weekend? Why was there no supervision? Those who participated in the alleged acts of criminal damage should be held responsible and restitution should be required.

Will the city file a criminal damage complaint? It should, otherwise; once again, the taxpayers of Glendale will pick up the tab to repair the damage. It’s a matter of accountability.

Will the Glendale Police Department use the video to identify the perpetrators and cite them for criminal damage?

Will the City Attorney’s Office prosecute and seek reimbursement for the damage caused? The citizens of Glendale hope so.

Public knowledge about this alleged criminal damage has been buried. No, that’s not quite right. It hasn’t so much been buried as it has not been acknowledged by anyone. Many city hall employees know that the incident occurred and some have seen the damage but no one is talking.

On another note, Barrio Breakthru Ministries had been holding church services on aBarrio Breakthru Ministries city property. It is a clear violation of federal law related to the separation of church and state. I mentioned this situation in a previous blog. Barrio Breakthru Ministries is now holding its Sunday services at Landmark School (one of the schools within the Glendale Elementary District).

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