I prefer to opine on local issues in Glendale for that is my comfort zone having served on City Council for so many years. It’s time to move beyond my comfort zone. Lately there has arisen a gruesome, national phenomenon called the “Knock-Out Game.”  They also call it “Ghost Hunting” as a reference to their white targets. It is a game played exclusively by Afro American youth. It entails a group of kids, one of whom suddenly leaves the pack and punches someone. That someone is always a white person for apparently that is the only criterion for choosing a victim. The group walks off laughing assuming that there will be no consequence. When will one of these kids choose someone who is armed and shoots back? We are sure to hear about it then. It is videoed and put on social media for all to see. It started in New York City and since has spread to seven states.  To date it has resulted in two deaths from these assaults.

Is it a hate crime? It appears to be since the victims are all white. Even more disturbing is the evident lack of moral compass and values these youth possess. In our nation’s effort to be politically correct we are failing our children. To insure that everyone is treated the same and offered the same opportunities our nation is slowly eroding the very concept of individual achievement and individual responsibility.

What has happened to our nation’s moral fabric when a group of kids think it’s fun to randomly inflict injury and perhaps death on a stranger with the only criterion being that it be someone not of your race? Where is our collective outrage? Or will we offer the typical excuse and rationalize their behavior by pointing to their disadvantaged backgrounds?

Where is the media outrage? Where is their reportage in an effort to warn people? Where is our outrage on the plethora of social media sites? Have we all become AWOL? I am disgusted by these random acts of violence done solely for amusement. At least I have now spoken up about it and I hope others will do so as well.

© Joyce Clark, 2013

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