In July, 2016 three Political Action Committees registered in Glendale. The first one is Glendale Forward. It registered as a PAC on July 6, 2016.  Here is the link to the Glendale City Clerk’s page about its registration with the city: . The registered Chairman of this PAC is Mike Colletto. Mr. Colletto is the Director of Legislative Affairs for the Professional Fire Fighters, the Phoenix chapter of the International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF). The registered Treasurer is Stephen Gilman, a firefighter who works for the City of Goodyear.

The second one to register with the City of Glendale on July 20, 2016 is the Campaign for Truth and Leadership. Here is its link: . Its Chairman is Bill Scheel, of Javalina , a consulting firm. He managed Chavira’s last campaign in 2012. Its Treasurer is Darryl Tattrie of Common Cents Consulting. It registered as an Independent Expenditure Committee. An independent expenditure committee, by law, may not consult with or share information or its plan of action to support a candidate with the candidate. Consider that as a wink and a nod for which politics is famous.

On July 22, 2016 a third PAC was born, Fire Fighters Interested in Registration and Education PAC.  It’s an out-of-state PAC located in Washington, D.C. Here is its link: . The sponsoring organization is the International Association of Fire Fighters. Its Chairman is Harold Schaitberger, President of the IAFF and its Treasurer is Thomas Miller. Even though it is required on the registration form, there is no information provided about the Treasurer’s occupation or employer. It wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to assume it is the IAFF.

What do 2 of these 3 PACs have in common? They are suddenly created to support only fire-related candidates in specific, local elections such as Glendale’s and after an election they go to PAC heaven (or hell). The third PAC in this illustrious list is a permanent PAC. I assume its purpose is to register voters and to educate them. Perhaps that’s the kind of education Chavira meant when he misled voters in 2012.

These 3 PACs, recently registered in Glendale, were created for one purpose and one purpose only and that would be to mail campaign material supporting former Fire Chief Mark Burdick, currently running for mayor and Sammy Chavira, a Phoenix fire fighter, running for re election to the Yucca district council seat. These are the only two fire related candidates in Glendale.

So-o-o, brace yourselves for an onslaught of campaign mailings from this point until the election on August 30th. Usually at the bottom in small print or on the return address you can tell who sent them. If they are from Glendale Forward, Campaign for Truth and Leadership or Fire Fighters Interested in Registration and Education, they will be nasty and dirty. They will attempt to destroy Mayor Weiers or me. Their only purpose is to keep Sammy and elect Burdick. You should be very suspicious of their content.

On the other hand, you have read the facts the Arizona Republic and the Glendale Star have reported about Sammy. Sammy told reporters he would let his record speak for itself. It has. His spending on travel; his speeding ticket and subsequent actions; and his failure to appear at six months worth of council meetings and do his job are all actions and decisions he made as a councilmember. I have used facts that are on the public record and have been reported by various media. They tell you what he has done. I’ve told you what he has not done for the people of our district.

That he settled for a trailer instead of a permanent library like Velma Teague, the Main Library or Foothills Library. That he held only one meeting of Yucca residents in 4 years, choosing instead to take your money to go to Washington, D.C. to see the Pope.

 It is evident what he has done and more importantly, what he has not done for the people of our district. Along with the media I have tried to make everyone aware of Sammy’s record so as a voter you can make an informed decision, a choice for change and offered a way to get your voice back.

Our election is August 30th but early vote-by-mail ballots go out on August 3rd, and likely will arrive in your mailbox before August 8th. I ask you to return your mail-in ballot promptly as these early votes are a large portion of district votes. For many, the tendency once your ballot is received is to place it somewhere. It is sometimes forgotten and never returned. This election is critical and your councilmember will be chosen at the Primary. Make your vote count. Return your early ballot promptly.

I pledge as your councilmember that your access to me for your problems will be easy and my response prompt. Please help me to give your voice back.

© Joyce Clark, 2016


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