deadline 1True to form, a deadline in not really a deadline when it comes to the Coyotes saga. Every Coyotes fan, hanger-on or anyone associated  with the Coyotes is waiting anxiously for May 31,2013 as if it is magical. The deadline that everyone is awaiting is the May 31st deadline to respond to the Beacon Sports/City of Glendale RFP. It is arbitrary and irrelevant because it presupposes any and all bidders for the team will submit by that date. That will probably not happen as there may be one or two bidders (or re-bidders) that will not submit to the NHL until May 31st.

The city in an attempt to cover any possible contingency made sure it has an out-clause on page 7 of the RFP, “City reserves the right to amend, cancel or reissue the RFP at its sole discretion. This includes the right to change the Response Due Date and Contract Award Date.”

A scenario could develop whereby a bidder for the team submits after May 31st. If a bid submitted to the NHL after May 31st turns out to be the best bid it will not be influenced by the Beacon RFP deadline and the NHL will be bringing them in tow to meet with whomever in Glendale when they are ready to do so. The NHL certainly hasn’t set an arbitrary deadline of May 31st. Why should it?

Of course, there is the issue of the General Manager’s and Coach’s contracts but unfortunately, they will not be determinants.

approveNo one knows what the bidders’ deals look like except the NHL and no one knows what will be acceptable to it. Maybe the “Shadow knows” (those of you who remember radio shows before TV came along, will recognize the phrase). Without knowledge of the NHL criteria no one knows if there is even a would-be bride out there.

I would think any deal heavily debt-laden with very little equity would make the NHL very, very nervous. No one, least of all the NHL, wants to repeat this ordeal (for that is what it has become) for a very long time. A deal with a lot of debt opens the door for the possibility of a repeat performance.

So we wait. It will happen – or not – when it happens but don’t hang your hat on an arbitrary deadline. It’s like “where’s the pea?” The deadline can be under any of the shells and none of them may be labeled May 31st.