So you want to build a fish pond. OK then. Let’s get started. Obviously planning is crucial. If you are like me, you’ve saved pictures and articles over the years. Time to pull them out and to list the elements you would like. Questions to answer as you begin to plan are how large will your pond be? What kind of pond construction do you want? Lined or concrete? What kind of filter system and how large? Perhaps the most important question is how large is your budget? That of course, will be the determining factor of your final pond construction and its features.

We had an acre (very rare in the urbanized Metro Valley of the Sun!) with which to play and plan. We immediately decided that we wanted the pond to be close to our patio and to become an extension of that area. We also knew that we wanted a rather large pond with a stream and waterfall feature. A large pond to eventually accommodate many fish and a stream and waterfall that would help to oxygenate the water.

Pond Shape 2

Garden hose layout

Pond Shape 1 Jan 2011

More garden hose layout

We started with garden hoses to lay out our dream project.





Pond Plan 2

Ground staking outline

Pond Plan 1

More ground staking

Then we graduated to marking the ground and using contracting stakes. Then we sat back and contemplated for at least a month. We fiddled here and there and modified the layout several times.