On July 27, 2014 Senators John McCain and Jeff Flake introduced S. 2670 according to an Associated Press release. The senators announced that their bill is a companion measure to Representative Trent Franks’ H.R. 1410 approved by the House of Representative and awaiting action in the Senate. It prohibits the construction of any new Indian gambling operation on unincorporated land in the metro Phoenix area that is not contiguous to an existing Indian reservation.

This bill takes aim at the very heart of the Tohono O’odham’s proposed casino on unincorporated land in Glendale. A very special “Thank you” goes out to the three members of the Arizona Congressional delegation: Representative Trent Franks and his bill, H.R. 1410 and Senators John McCain and Jeff Flake for their bill, S. 2670. Those of us who live near the proposed casino and who would have to deal with its impacts on our quality of life are extremely gratified and appreciative.

This bill seems to have wide support in the Senate. Talk is that even some Democratic senators will support this bill. It appears that many Senators have become concerned about the latest national trend of “reservation shopping.” While this bill does not address that issue per se it does send a strong signal to tribes across the country that they may very well see legislation banning the practice, especially if the Senate is controlled by Republicans after this fall’s election cycle.

Again, thank you Senators McCain and Flake. We on the front lines appreciate your support and your efforts.

© Joyce Clark, 2014


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